Accelerate Growth With Lead Scoring Powered By Recency & Frequency

  • Get your curated list of ready-to-buy leads with Breadcrumbs’ plug-and-play platform
  • Design models that reflect your strategic objectives, not a one-size-fits-all AI black box
  • Engage with your best revenue opportunities to close better deals faster

BYOD (Bring Your Own Data)

Every visitor, lead, opportunity, and customer leaves a trail of breadcrumbs. Our no-code connectors will ingest and unify your existing marketing, sales, product, and CX data to generate a 360° view that serves as the foundation for scoring success.

Illustration Of The Breadcrumbs Scoring Engine | Accelerate Growth With Lead Scoring
Illustration Of The Breadcrumbs Lead Scoring Engine: Unearth Your Juiciest Mqls, Sqls, Pqls—And All The Qls

Unearth Your Juiciest MQLs, SQLs, PQLs—and all the QLs

Build, test, and improve different models for different objectives across the entire customer journey.

  • Hot MQLs that are ready to buy
  • Stale SQLs that show signs of life
  • Active PQLs to convert or upsell
  • At-risk customers that you can save

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Turn Scores Into Outcomes

Sync scores back into your existing tech stack to build score-based triggers.

  • Automate workflows to tag MQLs and PQLs
  • Route leads to the right team members
  • Send alerts to Slack channels
  • Build reports in your CRM
  • Create segments in marketing automation

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Illustration Of The Breadcrumbs Lead Scoring Engine: Turn Scores Into Outcomes

Support Any GTM Strategy—Sales Assisted, PLG, Hybrid

There is no one-size-fits-all selling strategy! Whether you are sales-led, product-led, sales-assisted, or something in between, we’ve got you covered.


Gives Sellers Context Around What Makes A Lead Hot

Just say no to black box solutions! Sellers can access a detailed breakdown around what fit and intent data was used to generate every score.


Access Insights That Improve Funnel Efficiency

Provide operators with deep, meaningful insights—not vanity metrics—about the quality of leads entering and progressing through your funnel.


Machine Learning Serves As Your Data Scientist Sidekick

Understand which attributes are the best predictors of revenue today, while machine learning gets smarter over time as more data is introduced.

Your Success Is Our Mission

Our team’s mission is to drive successful outcomes for our customers. To do so, we act as an extension of your team to improve your data strategy, build objective-based models, and ensure that scores are being used to maximize revenue growth!

Illustration Of The Breadcrumbs Team: Your Success Is Our Mission