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Discover the power of data with Breadcrumbs. Use lead scoring to elevate your sales and marketing strategy and give your team the tools they need to thrive in a competitive market.


The Scoring Model Manager you always wanted


Identify predictive attributes with machine learning


Create predictive lead scoring models in seconds


Test and validate different hypotheses


Know your leads and customers better


Reveal your Ideal Customer Profile

Whether you’re looking to convert more leads, upsell to existing customers, or cross-sell complementary products, Reveal uncovers the secrets of your high-value contacts and accounts. Instantly get valuable insights into your buyer persona firmographic data (i.e., job titles) and online behavior (i.e., downloaded a white paper), identify potential sales opportunities, and make better business decisions.

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Automate lead scoring with data-driven models

Copilot is the simplest-than-ever-before approach to creating a lead scoring model. Use our AI-driven scoring software to automatically build a made-to-order model while maintaining full authority over the scoring process. Make adjustments to your point values, and take the guesswork out of your scoring efforts thanks to real-time information. 

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Test and iterate scoring models at every step of the funnel

Expanding your options is essential when it comes to building a scoring system. With Breadcrumbs, you have the power to create, test, and enhance your models without any limitations. Maximize your revenue sources to the fullest by developing lead scoring models for acquisition, expansion (including upselling and cross-selling), retention, and more.

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Business intelligence for real

Understand your top contacts and what actions lead to conversions with Explore. Filter, segment, sort, and view prospects and customer data from all your connected data sources to access the latest insights. Analyze trends to identify actions that indicate intent and increase successful conversion rates with personalized experiences for your target audience.

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Works with your tech stack in just a few clicks

You have a wealth of data sitting in your tech stack!
Get marketing, sales, and product data from your existing stack piped into Breadcrumbs in no time.


Life before Breadcrumbs was, I think you could call it the Dark Ages. We started with an SLA of two days to a week sometimes. And we’re getting within the 10 to 5-minute mark. So that’s so exciting for us.

Christie Horsman, VP of Marketing, Thinkific

Built for a modern Revenue Team


Feed your sales team with leads that close


Fill your pipeline with quality leads 


Build predictive lead scoring models in minutes

Explore lead scoring by function

Unlock MQL to SQL nirvana and supercharge your sales team

Marketers, imagine effortlessly feeding your sales reps with leads that not only close but skyrocket your revenue. 

Use Breadcrumbs’ intelligent algorithms to select attributes that offer a significant lift to your conversions. Moreover, our platform comes equipped with recency and frequency built-in, allowing you to create a powerful scoring system with ease. 

Iterate and test your marketing campaigns to ensure optimal performance and master the marketing-to-sales handoff by designing a marketing funnel ready for your sales reps.

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Pinpoint qualified leads and close more deals faster

Whether you’re an experienced sales rep or just starting out, scouring through a list of non-descript MQLs to find the best leads is not an approach we’d recommend. 

Breadcrumbs’ effective lead scoring process quickly provides you with the context you need to target the leads most likely to close, as it is based on dynamic scores that you can trust and understand.

Follow up with qualified leads who are a good fit and are more likely to convert, and shorten the sales cycle for good.

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Reach sales and marketing alignment, for real

Operations people, raise your hands if scoring has been on your list for a while, but you’ve almost written it off because it takes forever to get it done the traditional way. 

Not anymore; with Breadcrumbs lead scoring software, you can build advanced predictive lead scoring models in just minutes. 

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence, combined with a human touch approach, giving you the flexibility and control to call the shots and build personalized lead scoring models that perfectly fit your needs. 

Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of Breadcrumbs as it revolutionizes the way you score leads.

The Paths to Revenue Acceleration


Acquisition Scoring
Enhance your sales process by optimizing conversion rates and maximizing velocity


Expansion Scoring
Increase customer lifetime value by focusing on behavior and engagement


Retention Scoring
Keep your customers by acting the moment their interest level and engagement drop

Explore lead scoring by goal

Focus on lead quality and turn every opportunity into a new customer 

Not every visitor to your website is ready to make a purchase, and not every person downloading a whitepaper will become a customer. 

That’s where Breadcrumbs comes in, providing you with clear and actionable lead scores and empowering your sales department to prioritize qualified leads over tire kickers.

From demographic information to online activity, and with recency and frequency baked in, Breadcrumbs lead scoring enables you to reach out to leads who align with the characteristics that make them successful customers for your business. 

This way, you can effectively fill your sales funnel and boost your conversion rate, driving ROI and sustainable growth for your organization.

Explore lead scoring by goal

Leverage existing customers and drive expansion from within

A business model that only relies on acquisition is bound to fail. 

By identifying existing customers who are already primed and ready to make additional purchases, you can implement upselling and cross-selling strategies tailored to their specific needs. 

The good news is that you can use Breadcrumbs to increase customer lifetime value with expansion-focused lead scoring models.

This approach allows you to have access to untapped potential within your existing customer base, ultimately driving your business’s expansion from the inside out.

Explore lead scoring by goal

Keep track of key indicators and identify at-risk accounts before it’s too late

With longer sales cycles, another challenge begins as soon as a conversion happens. If you want to scale your business, you need to be able to retain that initial buyer. 

Don’t let customers slip through the cracks, as acquiring new ones is challenging, winning them back is almost impossible, and replacing them can be expensive. 

An ounce of prevention goes a long way in retaining your valuable clients. Act swiftly the moment you notice a drop in their interest level and engagement.

With Breadcrumbs, you can create scoring systems that analyze your users’ engagement score, proactively identify churn risk early on, ensure you stay one step ahead and maintain a strong and loyal customer base.

All the features you want

and some you didn’t even know you need

Co-Dynamic Scores

Fit and Activity + Time informed scores


Keep your database clean and build your data-driven ICP


Let our ML get you started with your first model

Quick Attributes

Quickly create scoring attributes based on lift

Workspace & Multiple Models

Support multiple teams, objectives, or experiments

Scoring Analytics

Dig into every layer of your model

Decay Simulator

See how time impacts scores with a few clicks


Connect your tech stack in no time

Frequently Asked Questions

Scoring is a proven methodology that successful companies have been using for years. Breadcrumbs makes it faster, easier, and more affordable to leverage scoring and does it in a way that delivers more meaningful and actionable scores. 

How do we know this? Our founders built scoring models for companies ranging from 100 to 20,000 employees and from $10M to $20B in revenue. They saw a meaningful impact on revenue, velocity, and cost of sale at all of them. This experience is the foundation of what Breadcrumbs is today.

A bunch of stuff, but at the highest level, we’ve done two things that revolutionize scoring. 

First, we’ve added recency and frequency as core variables of how our models work. Adding recency and frequency means our models create truly dynamic scores! We identify the moment intent appears, unlike the self-fulfilling cumulative scoring models of the past. 

Second, we help you make sense of your data and how the different data points contribute to achieving your objectives. The old play relies on subjective negotiation-driven models or getting lost in the data science black hole of competing priorities.

A lead scoring model in Breadcrumbs considers several aspects:

  • Fit defines how well a potential contact aligns with your ideal customer profile (ICP) or other high-value audience segments, often focusing heavily on firmographic data like industry, annual revenue, or company size. 
  • Activity considers behavioral data to determine which leads are the most high-intent (or the most likely to convert). Activity can help your sales team identify high-intent leads alongside opportunities to upsell, cross-sell, or prevent churn from existing clients.
    • Recency determines how impactful an action is based on when the lead took it; strong lead scoring models will have time-decay built into the system to account for when a lead took a specific action.
    • Frequency assesses the value of a lead’s action based on how often the specific action was taken. Users taking certain actions more often are given slightly higher scores.

These are the factors that make up your Breadcrumbs lead scoring model. All these will add up to 100 points (or more than 100), and the lead scoring model will assign each contact a score. 

The higher the score, the more likely it is that this contact is “warm” or ready to convert. 

To make sense of lead scores, you can create segments based on different criteria and analyze how they are performing from a conversion perspective.

You can also set up scoring rules for when leads move from one group to the other, for example, when they reach a certain score or complete a certain activity.

Finally, you can automate marketing activities such as email campaigns and personalized messages based on how they rank in your lead scoring model. This way, you can target prospects with relevant offers and content that is tailored to their needs in order to move them further down the funnel.

Each company has a different set of lead scoring criteria (Reveal can help you find out which attributes and actions have the strongest correlations), but as a rule of thumb, after building thousands scoring systems, our team validated that you need 5-7 data points to have an impact on revenue. 

Here are some examples:

  • Fit: job title, company size, zip code, location.
  • Activity: content downloads (whitepaper, case studies or other resources), website visits to high-value pages (pricing pages, guide, and blog posts,) and other interactions (webinar, newsletter.)

Book some time with one of our Revenue Experts here, and we will have a chat about what you are aiming to accomplish and let you know if we can help. If there’s a fit, we will work hand in hand with you to hit your goals.

Our PRO plan starts as low as $400 a month. However, we never let price stand in the way of helping companies get on the path to Revenue Acceleration. Let’s have a chat and see how we can help you hit your Revenue Goals.

The most popular integrations Breadcrumbs supports are marketing automation tools, CRMs and product analytics tools like HubSpot, Active Campaign, Intercom, Mailchimp, Marketo, Mixpanel, Pendo, Salesforce, and Segment.

We are adding new integrations regularly; check our integrations page to see a complete list of what we currently support. We also have a native API that can support custom integrations. Please reach out to our team if you have any questions.