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All the Features you Need to build, implement, and optimize lead scoring for Your Business

Explore Breadcrumbs’ key features and how lead scoring can assist you in enhancing lead qualityclosing more deals faster, optimizing upselling and cross-selling strategies, and retaining at-risk customers.

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Use co-dynamic distribution to sort and prioritize your best leads and contacts

Your most valuable leads are those who align with your ideal customer profile and are actively engaging with your brand right now. This is the fundamental principle behind Breadcrumbs’ unique co-dynamic scoring method that combines the power of real-time intent signals with time-tested traditional contact scoring methodology.

What does that mean for you?

You’ll get a robust scoring system that sifts through your potential leads and contacts, identifying and prioritizing the most active and qualified right from the moment they first interact with your brand.

Reveal hidden leads insights and build your data-driven ICP

Like many businesses, you probably have lots of data but little understanding of how to leverage it best. With leads coming from various channels, finding the most powerful predictors of intent can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Breadcrumbs Reveal analyzes your existing marketing, sales, and product data, unveiling the attributes and actions that predict revenue. With this knowledge, you can create a custom scoring model for your business needs. And the best part? You can do it all with a single click with Copilot. 


Let our AI-driven wizard Copilot create custom-tailored scoring models in seconds

AI and machine learning have simplified scoring, empowering you to optimize models in real time. Copilot is the perfect example: its advanced AI algorithms analyze your data and generate a model with a few quick clicks, but you stay in control of your model by adjusting variables. It’s clear, user-friendly, and remarkably fast.

Use Copilot or build advanced custom scoring models and assign scores to leads based on ICP alignment, engagement, and purchasing potential. Continuously refine scoring systems for relevance and effectiveness. Analyze real-time data and adjust models to align with evolving business goals and market dynamics.

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Works with your tech stack in just a few clicks

You have a wealth of data sitting in your tech stack!
Get marketing, sales, and product data from your existing stack piped into Breadcrumbs in no time.

Create advanced scoring models for upsell, cross-sell and retention based on real-time data

Creating advanced scoring models for upsell, cross-sell, and retention is a strategic approach to unlocking new revenue opportunities post-acquisition. When using real-time information, as we do at Breadcrumbs, these advanced scoring models are dynamic, continually evolving based on new data.

Predict expansion opportunities by analyzing customer behavior, engagement levels, and purchase history. When it comes to retention, immediately detect disengagement and flag potential churn risks for your existing customer base.

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Test and compare multiple scoring models targeting different ICPs, motions, products, and geographies

Savvy operators know the power of lead scoring and recognize testing, iterating, and refining their approaches as crucial aspects of their marketing and sales strategy. Replace assumptions with real data and get a better analysis of leads and smarter decisions with Breadcrumbs. 

Run several scoring models in parallel, targeting different ICPs, motions, products, and geographies, not just a single generic one. This enables dedicated scoring for each product line or geographical region. Similarly, create models for all go-to-market motions, from PLG to sales-assisted, and everything in between.

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Analyze and explore your contacts and accounts to find the missing piece of the funnel

Traditional lead scoring tools usually provide a rudimentary ranking of your leads and often fall short when it comes to offering an in-depth understanding of your model and insights on what parts work effectively, how significantly they contribute to achieving your desired goal, and which parts require your attention. 

Breadcrumbs’ advanced analytics allows you to explore every variable that plays a role in determining a contact or lead’s score. This includes a wide range of attributes, from firmographic data and behavioral patterns to specific interactions that your contacts have with your business.

Use recency and frequency of action to discover intent the moment it happens

Leveraging the recency and frequency of user actions is a powerful way to uncover intent the moment it occurs. That’s because a click on your pricing page today is more important than one that happened a year ago. Breadcrumbs integrates recency and frequency of interactions into your lead scoring model, allowing you to see their real-time influence on scores.

Whether a contact visited your website yesterday, downloaded a whitepaper last week, or interacted with your social media posts multiple times in the past month, all of these actions are factored in during the lead scoring process. This insight empowers you to adapt your GTM strategies, engaging leads with the right message at the right time.

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Revenue Acceleration Manifesto

Breadcrumbs is on a mission to break down silos between customer-facing teams. We enable operators to acquire and grow revenue faster by unlocking the value that already exists in their data and technology.