April 29, 2022

New Contact Details Page & Recent Activities

April is here, and so are some exciting new features on Breadcrumbs!

This month, we released several new features that make working with customer data easier than ever. With the contact details page, you can quickly view customer information in one place. The contact’s recent activities page helps you track customer activity, giving you a better understanding of intent. And lastly, the company details page allows you to access your contacts from within companies.

In addition to this, we also improved our search capabilities by introducing deep search and textual search for more precise searches throughout the platform as well as enhanced filtering capacities on both contacts and companies pages.

All these new changes make it easier than ever for you to understand customer behavior and work more efficiently with your customer data.

Here’s what we released this month:

Product update
  • Contact details page: quickly view and customize your contact information in one place and create custom card collections surfacing the most important traits.
  • Contact score history: know if a contact becomes more or less engaged over time. Keep track of your contacts with our detailed score history so you know when to reach out and how best to do it.
  • Contact recent activities: learn your contact’s recent activities on your online properties and stay up-to-date on their interactions within your system and have a deeper understanding of what interests them or motivates them to engage.
  • Company details page: quickly view and customize data from companies that interacted with you and create custom card collections surfacing the most important attributes.
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  • Deep & textual search: Quickly search through contacts and accounts to narrow down what you’re looking for. Get a clear view of your contact’s data and activities and track activities as they happen, including emails and website visits. Get answers to questions faster by finding the most relevant results faster.
  • Filter contacts by events & company data: With our advanced filtering system, you can now quickly find the contacts that are important to you. You can filter by events such as click, email open, or page view. Additionally, you can filter by company data, including industry, size, location, and more.

That’s all for this month–stay tuned for what’s coming next!

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