Frustrated about lead scoring? You shouldn’t be.

Discover lead scoring for how it was meant to be. For real. 10X better, 10X faster, 10X cheaper.

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Swipe right for business.

Well…kind of. Point being: not everyone is your customer, and this is not your Grandma’s lead scoring model. This is a Revenue Acceleration engine, and it is all about better identifying your future customers, sometimes before they even know it.

Perfect data? Not the point.

Here’s a little secret for you: 95% of the data doesn’t really matter. It’s not what moves the needle and gets you higher-performing leads. Except you never realized it because everything has been hidden in a black box so far. Well, not anymore.

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Strike the lead while it’s hot.

Sophisticated operators understand that all interactions matter, but recency and frequency disproportionally amplify value. Picking up the signals that leads are providing and quickly reacting is critical to increasing conversion.

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Revenue Acceleration, Delivered

Marketing and Sales teams rejoice! Breadcrumbs allows for the quick creation and iteration of lead scoring by you. Identify, deliver and close on the best leads… No SDR Army required.


  1. Connect to your data sources
  2. Answer a few simple questions to get started with your scoring model or use our intuitive model builder to create an entirely custom one
  3. Decide where your best leads go and start closing more deals
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