Integrate with Breadcrumbs

Connect the dots between your prospects and customers and their behaviors and activities on your website and product by adding to Breadcrumbs.

Use your data on Breadcrumbs to enrich your CRM’s data and quickly analyze and score your customer and prospect data and identify hidden revenue opportunities. With Breadcrumbs, revenue teams find the best prospects, identify every upsell, and catch customers before they churn. is a popular customer data platform that tracks individual customer actions, such as what pages they viewed or when they logged in. These insights are crucial to informing your whole funnel from acquisition to upsell and to churn prevention. By knowing what information your customers or prospects are looking at, you can get an idea of what they need or what could be holding them back.

That information alone won’t be actionable unless you connect it with your CRM data – aka your source of truth.

Here’s where Breadcrumbs comes into play. After you connect your primary source (i.e., HubSpot), you’ll be able to connect and get a detailed view of a contact and their actions.

Breadcrumbs will act in real-time and enrich the data in your scoring model so that it will be easier than ever to close a deal, upsell current customers, and detect clients that are sending you churn signals.

Why would you need a tool like when creating a scoring model in the first place? There are many benefits to using a secondary data source as part of your scoring strategy:

  1. Get the complete picture — in one place. When adding to Breadcrumbs, you will bring all your data sources together to get the full scope of the activities a contact takes – all in one place.
  2. It’s all about timing. Send Breadcrumbs all the marketing and product events you are tracking, and we will automatically update your scoring model with the most accurate version based on your live data.
  3. Your data, your rules. You don’t have to rely on this data being stored within the MAP or CRM to score against: you’ll have access to the information tracks directly in Breadcrumbs — no more go-betweens.
  4. Focus on the intent. When used with your CRM data in Breadcrumbs, your data will provide another dimension of information. Instead of just looking at marketing metrics like email clicks and web form submissions, you can get a deeper intent data set that provides another lens into the activities your database is taking.

When using with Breadcrumbs you can:

  • Have an always-up-to-date scoring model based on your live marketing and product tracked data
  • Get the full picture about your customers and prospects and make data-driven decisions on your database
  • Connect the dots and complement your CRM data
  • Track individual users actions and bring behaviors and activities to your scoring model

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