Clean up your Contact Lists

Data hygiene is the foundation of every high-performing marketing team. Maximize efficiency by keeping in your lists only the contacts you care about.

Illustration Of Email Verifier

Verify Single Email

Insert the email address of the contact you want verified to get an instant score. Breadcrumbs won’t store the data provided.


Verify Email List

Upload the Contacts List you want verified to see its health score. Breadcrumbs won’t store the data provided.

Keep it Clean

Spam trap and undeliverable emails pile up, ending up representing a sizable chunk of your contacts. Don’t let your CRM or marketing automation system charge you for stale emails.

Bad Reputation, Bad Reputation

If TSwift had been a marketer it would be all about bad, not big, reputations. High bounce rates, spam traps and abusive emails kill your sender reputation and ultimately your deliverability.  Keep your emails landing in the inbox with clean lists.

It’s all about the ROI

Email Marketing on average delivers ROI in the neighbourhood of 44X (Experian).  Combine those returns with the cost savings of keeping your lists clean. You have taken one step towards Revenue Acceleration.

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How It Works

Validating your HubSpot list with Free Email Verifier is likely the easiest thing you’ve ever done:

  1. Connect HubSpot (1 Click)
  2. Pick one list with up to 10,000 contacts (1 Click)
  3. Relax and wait for your results to come in (0 clicks)

Have you ever imagined saving money while increasing your email deliverability and mail server reputation could be as easy as two clicks?

Looking to verify more than one list? Get in touch with our Sales team.