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Up to 1,000 contacts
scored per month

  • Unlimited draft models
  • 1 test model
  • 1-month analytics lookback
  • 24-hour data refresh
  • Email support




(Billed annually)

Up to 10,000 contacts
scored per month

  • Unlimited test and draft models
  • 1 active model
  • 6-month analytics lookback
  • 24-hour data refresh
  • Email support




(Billed annually)

Up to 100,000 contacts
scored per month

  • Unlimited test and draft models
  • 3 active models
  • 9-month analytics lookback
  • 24-hour data refresh
  • Dedicated CSM



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(Billed annually)

Custom contacts
scored per month

  • Unlimited test and draft models
  • Custom active models
  • Custom analytics lookback
  • Customizable data refresh
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Expert Services
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“Life before Breadcrumbs was, I think you could call it the Dark Ages. We started with an SLA of two days to a week sometimes. And we’re getting within the 10 to 5-minute mark. So that’s so exciting for us.”


Christie Horsman, VP of Marketing, Thinkific

Why GTM Teams Choose To Use Breadcrumbs For Scoring

Screenshot Of Copilot

Your Data, Your Unique Scoring Model, in Seconds.

View the quality of your data, build your data-driven ICP, and use Copilot to create scoring models in seconds with only the data points that have the highest impact on your business.

Screenshot Of Model Overview

Combine ICP, Intent, Recency, and Frequency.

Our ML-assisted co-dynamic scoring creates scores based on fit, activity, and time to unearth who your best contacts are right now.

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Acquire, Upsell, Cross-sell, and Retain.

Tackle every revenue goal with scoring models that support multiple teams, objectives, or experiments.

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Analyze > Understand > Close More Deals.

Dig into every layer of your model, compare multiple models’ results, and see how time impacts your scores with a few clicks.

Works with your tech stack in just a few clicks

You have a wealth of data sitting in your tech stack!
Get marketing, sales, and product data from your existing stack piped into Breadcrumbs in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing is flexible and depends on how many contacts you want to score. The Free plan allows you to score up to 1,000 leads per month, while the Pro and Business plans have a maximum of 10,000 and 100,000 new leads you can score each month, respectively. Enterprise-level plans offer a custom amount of lead scoring.

The Free plan supports up to 1,000 leads scored per month. The Pro and Business plans support 10,000 and 100,000 new leads scored per month, respectively. Enterprise-level plans can be tailored to your needs, allowing for a custom number of leads scored to suit your business requirements.

The Free plan allows you to score a list of up to 1,000 contacts in test mode. This means you can create and test your lead scoring model for free. The Free plan does not let you sync your lead scores back into your data source.

You can get started on the Free plan by registering here. We also offer personalized demos for those who have additional questions.

The most popular integrations Breadcrumbs supports are HubSpot, Active Campaign, Intercom, Mailchimp, Marketo, Mixpanel, Pendo, Salesforce, and Segment. We are adding new integrations regularly; check our integrations page to see a complete list of what we currently support. We also have a native API that can support custom integrations.

Please reach out to our team if you have any questions.

Lead scoring is traditionally thought of as a process that sales teams use to score contacts (typically leads) to find the most qualified candidates to reach out to.

With Breadcrumbs, however, this same lead scoring methodology can be used for other areas of the customer journey, such as upselling, cross-selling, and even churn reduction.

Therefore, we prefer to use the term contact scoring as it applies to contacts at every stage in the funnel and encompasses goals other than sales calls.

You can read about how we define contact scoring and how it differs from lead scoring inside our Revenuepedia.

Breadcrumbs scoring not only enables acquisition-focused lead scoring for sales-assisted motion, as most other solutions offer. Breadcrumbs also unlocks the potential of scoring for up-sell, cross-sell, retention, product adoption, and more. It does all of this regardless of GTM strategy; PLS and PLG are no exception.
When choosing Breadcrumbs, you will get access to:
– Reveal: Connect your data sources and explore the completeness, quality, and predictive power of the data you already have.
– Copilot: Automatically build a scoring model based on your existing marketing, sales, and product data. You remain in control and can make changes at any point. Get the best of both worlds: the power of automation and full control over critical business decisions.
– Score: Build as many models as you would like to test hypotheses and validate how they would behave.
– Explore: Dig deep into contact and account records to see what they are doing and how that impacts their likelihood to buy across your entire GTM stack.

If you sign up for the Free plan, you get the whole Breadcrumbs experience with two significant caveats: the number of leads you will be able to score is limited, and you can activate only one scoring model.

Get started for free by registering here. We also offer personalized demos if you have specific questions.

The problem with most lead scoring models and software is that it fails to take into consideration two important factors—recency and frequency.

Recency relates to how recently an action has been taken. For example, contacts who have visited your pricing page within the past hour are more relevant to your sales team than those who visited one year ago.

Our models factor recency into the equation by increasing scores for recent actions and decreasing scores for those who have gone radio silent.

Similarly, Frequency relates to the number of actions that have been taken. Those who are repeatedly opening emails, viewing your blog, and interacting with your brand are scored higher than those who do not.

Aside from being a mouthful, ML-assisted co-dynamic lead scoring is a fancy term for the perfect blend between AI and human input.

Most scoring models are black-box solutions that prevent you from updating your scoring method and instead rely on a one-size-fits-all approach made from a blend of generic rules.

With Breadcrumbs, your team can define your ideal customer profile and what key actions are the best predictors of revenue, and our ML-driven automation will find those contacts and route them to your teams.

If your ideal customer profile or key actions change, our system will immediately rescore your leads based on this new data—meaning you don’t have to wait six months for your scoring model to catch up and reflect your new company direction.

By using a co-dynamic scoring model, Breadcrumbs gives you 16 unique scoring outcomes instead of a simple ‘Hot” or “Cold” answer. This means your team knows exactly how qualified a contact is before they take the next step, allowing for deeper personalization when segmenting your database.

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