Integrate Intercom with Breadcrumbs

Discover revenue opportunities hidden within your Intercom contacts.

Use your Intercom data with Breadcrumbs to easily analyze and score your customer and prospect data and identify hidden revenue opportunities. With Breadcrumbs, revenue teams find the best prospects, identify every upsell, and catch customers before they churn.

Intercom is a popular customer communication platform with many features that you can use to learn what people are doing on your website and product. You can use Intercom to shape communication with your users and customers based on their activities and behaviors. As with every great product with many features, however, it’s impossible for all to be advanced in the same way. Intercom lead scoring is the perfect example.

For starters, Intercom only offers a lead scoring feature, so you miss out on identifying upsell opportunities with your customers and evaluating churn risks. Additionally, there are very few options in terms of configuration: it is an essentially black box that only gives a single numerical score.

Numerical scores can only take you so far. Interested in taking the next step? Breadcrumbs’ powerful co-dynamic algorithm lets you create scoring models that uncover new revenue opportunities by identifying the best prospects, pinpointing every upsell, and preventing customers from churning.

Get more out of Intercom’s data with Breadcrumbs

  1. Much more than just scoring leads. Expand your scoring signals by including Intecom in your Breadcrumbs lead scoring and use your customer engagement data to better understand customer upsell and cross sell opportunities. Breadcrumbs powerful algorithm works with you all the way down your customers’ journey to find prospects that are ready to buy, identify customers who are likely to upsell, and analyze customers who are at risk of churn.
  2. Not only who, but also when. (Ultimately, it’s all about timing.) Whether you’re trying to acquire new customers, upsell to existing ones, or retain those who are at risk of leaving you, you know that timing is everything. Just one week too late, and you might miss on revenue. This is why Breadcrumbs gives you an insight into which actions are repeated (Frequency) and at what time (Recency) so you never miss another opportunity. This is something you can’t do with Intercom lead scoring – you have to choose one over the other when it comes to evaluating your engagement.
  3. Define clear levels of differentiation. Intercom lead scoring provides a single numerical score and it can be frustrating to decipher what success looks like. With Breadcrumbs’ 16 scoring buckets, you’ll know who you best prospects and customers are at a glance – and how the score was created int he first place.
  4. Data is King. Act on always up-to-date information refreshed daily across your contacts lists. Get insights at the activity level and find out how many people in your list are doing a specific action or fit into a specific categories and analyze your entire list to make data-driven decisions on how best to engage, retain and delight your customers.
  5. All together now. Even if you’re using Intercom for everything else, there may be some data that can’t be integrated with Intercom lead scoring. Here’s the good news: with Breadcrumbs you can combine the all the data you have about your prospects and clients in one centralized place to get sophisticated insights on their online behavior. Intercom lead scoring can analyze only the data you have on Intercom, while with Breadcrumbs you can add all the data sources you are using to enrich your scoring model.
  6. Multi-scoring. Using Breadcrumbs multi-scoring model functionality, you can score customer engagement interactions across your different customer segments uniquely to provide a more holistic view into your customer’s overall satisfaction.
  7. Surface upsell and cross-sell opportunities at scale. We all want to scale in the shortest possible time. What if your tech stack gets in the way? Not with Breadcrumbs: If you grow out of Intercom, you don’t have to start all over again, you can bring all the Intercom lead scoring data you already have on Breacrumbs with you to your next MAP.
  8. Set up with <3 for you. Not sure how to set up Intercom lead scoring? Say goodbye to onboading headache: our team of experts will review your objectives, present you with a scoring analysis, build your scoring model and analyze the results – all in close collaboration with you!

When using Intercom with Breadcrumbs you can:

  • Browse and select contact or company properties
  • Automatically update your existing scoring fields in Intercom
  • Create brand new scoring fields directly from Breadcrumbs
  • View granular analytics at the activity level AND get insights on your entire list
  • Use it as your primary source or as an enrichment source for your list