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Armando, Massimo & Gary
Sep 2023, 25

Is Category Creation All It’s Cracked Up to Be? with Thomas Shields

These days, it seems like every VC wants their portfolio companies to create a category. Many seem to think that if you can, you should do it. But, should you? It’s a decision that has big consequences on how you allocate resources.

In this talk, Thomas Shields will share the questions you need to ask to find out if category creation is right for you. You will learn:

  • A framework for assessing a category creation strategy
  • What most people misunderstand about category creation
  • Why investors want you to pursue a category creation strategy even if it isn’t right for your business

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Sep 2023, 22

Nail Your Positioning through Argument Theory with Eric Duerr

Marketing is the business of persuasion. And no one understands persuasion more than ancient Greek philosophers. This session explores how marketers can harness the power of argument theory to develop better positioning and achieve persuasive outcomes.

By understanding the principles of argumentation and applying them in marketing contexts, marketers can better engage and influence target audiences.

In this unique presentation, Eric Duerr will delve into the world of argument theory and its applications in marketing. You will gain insights into how argument theory can help craft compelling messaging based on which arguments work best when persuading someone to choose your offering.

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Sep 2023, 19

No One Owns Your Customer Data Strategy? #Fail with Evan Dunn

It’s 2023, and all the talk in B2B SaaS is about what’s getting offloaded to AI. But what about good ol’ fashioned customer data?

Maybe it’s time SaaS orgs took control of their single most valuable asset with some intentionality.

In this session with Evan Dunn, Director of Growth Marketing at Syncari, you will learn:

  • Why SaaS is plagued with a false dichotomy between product and GTM
  • Why a unified approach to customer data makes all the difference in your GTM
  • What changes you need to make to stop being bogged down by data issues

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Sep 2023, 13

PreSales Rocks and You Need More of It with Amin Ibrahim

PreSales is the bespoke advertising arm of the tech world. The second you go beyond perfect fit customers, you need PreSales to win and grow. The sooner you get PreSales in your company, the better.

In this session with Amin Ibrahim, Senior Director of PreSales and Strategy at Hootsuite, we’re going to talk about why PreSales exists and the impact that it has on your business. We’ll discuss how you can thoughtfully create the right hiring profile and how to get the most out of your PreSales people.

Finally, we’ll talk about how you can differentiate your PreSales function from the competition. A strong PreSales arm will supercharge your sales, help you retain your customers, and will leave your competition in the dust.

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Sep 2023, 11

Plot Twist: There’s Life Outside of Your SaaS ICP with Kevin Brown

Most B2B SaaS companies are focused on selling to each other. It can be a vicious cycle, but what VCs and most B2B companies are looking for. Expanding horizons into new markets can accelerate growth, LTV, and more.

In this session with Kevin Brown, Co-Founder and CEO at LeadSmart Technologies, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should look for new markets
  • How to identify them and get started
  • Finding the right balance

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Sep 2023, 08

Sales Automations Are Making You Lose Time with Lorenzo Tiberi

In recent years, the automation of outreach actions has become a popular trend in outbound sales. It promises increased efficiency, higher volumes, and easier workflows. However, the over-reliance on automation has inadvertently led to intensified competition and a decline in conversion rates, ultimately wasting valuable time for sales teams.

In this session with Lorenzo Tiberi, CEO and co-founder at Crono, you will learn:

  • Sales automation pros and cons
  • How to fight the decline in conversion rates
  • What personalization at scale really means

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Sep 2023, 06

Screw Your ROAS–Focus on ROU with Tim Kilroy

Sales Development organizations are vital to the success of most sales functions, but it seems to be one of the hardest areas to get right. These organizations are the lifeblood of sales opportunities for your sales teams and often are the pipeline of talent that eventually moves into full closing roles.

During this 15-minute session, Tim Kilroy, CEO of Tim Kilroy Agency, will outline how to create a GTM for sales development that prioritizes desired outcomes and ultimately drives more business for you.

You will learn how to:

  • Get the best out of your sales development reps
  • Break down some of the challenges you face when creating or scaling an effective sales development organization
  • Understand how Sales Development fits into the broader sales ecosystem

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Sep 2023, 04

Winning With Value-Based Sales with Jimmy Ku

The ABCs of selling no longer work and might push customers away. But humans are always tuned into WIIFM. So, if you can show the value of what you are providing, you will win their trust and the sale.

In this session, Jimmy Ku, Head of Growth for Developed Markets at Flutterwave reveals how to win with value-based sales.

You’ll learn the keys to unlock more deals, how to use trust as a key metric in sales, and how to make sure that each of your customers feels valued.

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Sep 2023, 01

The B2B SaaS Growth Roadmap with Lalit Gautam

Most early-stage startups got stuck at one level after the first few sales. Converting the early success to a repetitive growth formula is important for any SaaS startup.

In this session, Lalit Gautam, founder and CEO of Sensegrass, is going to talk about the few key mantras to come out from this block point and go for a ride on the success train.

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Aug 2023, 28

The New Demand Generation Paradigm in a Product-Led World with Danny Essner

The New Demand Generation Paradigm in a Product-Led World Product-Led is replacing Sales-Led as the primary go-to-market motion for many businesses. This paradigm shift requires a change in marketing as well. We can no longer rely on gating content to capture and nurture leads with content. MQLs are no longer our most important KPI.

In this session, Danny Essner, VP of Marketing at Chameleon, will explore what the impact is on Marketing teams from moving from a Sales-led to a Product-led or hybrid go-to-market motion.

We’ll look at what strategies and best practices ruled the Sales-led era and focus on three new strategies marketers can employ to generate demand more effectively in a product-led environment.

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