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Armando, Massimo & Gary
Aug 2023, 07

Welcome to the Age of Experience-Led Growth with Christine Crandell

Discover the path to doubling your growth and revolutionizing your go-to-market by delving into Experience-Led Growth (ELG), a straightforward solution to the confusion and unpredictability often associated with customer experience.

ELG is here to revolutionize the way leaders like you think about vision setting, customer-centric strategy, and operating models.

Christine Crandell, president of New Business Strategies, will show you how to quickly transform your organization into a needle-mover powerhouse and build cult-like brand preference.

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Aug 2023, 01

You Need To Align Your Lead Management with OKRs with Lorena Morales

The alignment of lead management with OKRs provides organizations with a strategic framework for effectively managing leads and achieving their business objectives.

By setting clear objectives and measurable key results, teams can focus on revenue generation and work collaboratively towards common goals.

In this session with Lorena Morales, Global Director of Digital Marketing and Revenue Operations at JLL, you will learn how:

  • Aligning lead management with OKRs drives effective lead management practices and maximizes the chances of achieving desired outcomes.
  • Alignment promotes focus, collaboration, and accountability among teams and individuals involved in lead management.
  • Setting relevant metrics and tracking allows for agility and adaptability, as OKRs are typically reviewed and adjusted on a quarterly basis, enabling teams to respond to changing market conditions and customer needs.

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Jul 2023, 25

You’re Thinking about Sales Development Wrong with Ian Wroobel

Sales Development organizations are vital to the success of most sales functions, but it seems to be one of the hardest areas to get right. These organizations are the lifeblood of sales opportunities for your sales teams and often are the pipeline of talent that eventually move into full closing roles.

Despite the importance of this role, there are a million different opinions when it comes to structure, purpose, enablement, and metrics for these organizations. This lack of consistent vision for the sales development GTM is severely hindering the potential of this function for your organization.

During this 15-minute session, Ian Wroobel will outline how to create a GTM for sales development that prioritizes desired outcomes and ultimately drives more business for you.

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Jul 2023, 24

You’re Approaching RevOps All Wrong with Rosalyn Santa Elena

Revenue Operations is one of the hottest things on the market next to AI.

You know you need it, you know you should have it, and you probably actually finally understand what it is! But are you doing it correctly?

Most companies are still doing RevOps all wrong.

So how do you build, grow, and scale your Revenue Operations? Come join Rosalyn Santa Elena, Founder at The RevOps Collective, for this Hot Take for some things you can start doing TODAY to fix your approach!

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Jul 2023, 20

Growth’s Dynamic Duo: Product-Led and Sales-Led with João Romão

Are you tired of making the choice between the blue pill (sales-led strategy) and the red pill (product-led strategy)?

Well, we have good news for you–you don’t have to choose just one.

In this session with João Romão, Principal Product Manager at, we will explore the benefits of both approaches and how integrating them can create a hybrid strategy that takes your business to new heights.

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Jul 2023, 19

Your Buyer Journey is More Important Than Your Roadmap with Sebastien van Heyningen

It’s a crowded, crowded world out here in SaaS. Every new product or service enters an already oversaturated market, filled to the brim with worthy and similar competitors.

“Standing out” is harder than ever. So how do we do it?

  • New bells and whistles on your solution? NO
  • Hire a new VP Sales? NOPE
  • Product-Led Growth? CLOSE, BUT NO

The big winners are standing out by providing a smooth and valuable Buyer Journey. They’ve anticipated the twists and turns that come before making a purchase. They are meeting their Buyers where they’re at.

In this Hot Takes Live session with Sebastien van Heyningen, President of Central Metric, we discussed why your buyer journey is more important than your roadmap.

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Jul 2023, 14

Your Next CRM is a Data Warehouse with Andy Mowat

Legacy CRM is a term you will start hearing more and more. Current CRMs are inflexible both in terms of their data models and UI for reps. The data warehouse has revolutionized how data is used, and moving to a more flexible CRM brings tons of advantages.

In this session with Andy Mowat, CEO at Gated, you will learn:

  • How data is changing GTM
  • The impact on how you manage your team
  • The skill set changes will drive

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Jul 2023, 12

Your UX Team Should Lead the Willingness to Buy Research with Alvaro Soto

WTP research is usually conducted by the business at best, or at worst by an external research firm without any context or continuity to see the research implemented.

UX research teams are well positioned to help the business determine if customers are willing to pay for that feature or product you want to build.

In this session with Alvaro Soto, Director of Product Management, Growth at Procore, you will learn:

  • Why WTP research is scary for many UX and product teams
  • How to make WTP part of your continuous discovery practice
  • How to involve all stakeholders in your product development for better outcomes.

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Jul 2023, 10

Your Lead Scoring Model is Wrong with Kenny Lee

Marketing teams invest a lot of money/time into creating sophisticated lead scoring models to hand off to SDRs.

Opportunities are then dispositioned by SDRs using their own defined methodology and handed off to Sales, who either accepts/rejects opportunities based on a sales methodology to work them into closed won deals.

This situation often leads to a common occurrence where all teams can meet or exceed their own targets but the overall business misses on bookings goals. The right solution starts when all teams are aligned to a common qualification methodology based on what attributes of winning opportunities look like in your sales CRM.

By aligning all teams around these winning attributes, GTM teams can qualify better, create standards for hand-offs to improve conversions, and ensure the pipeline for sales is “born on 3rd base” for the highest chances of conversion to bookings.

Listen in as Kenny Lee, VP of Revenue Marketing at Seismic, explains why your lead scoring model is wrong. Well, maybe not so much wrong, but how it could be better.

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