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Armando, Massimo & Gary
May 2023, 31

Stop Treating Creative Like A Short-Order Chef with Thomas Shields

Many marketing teams have evolved their strategy for the digital world with high-tempo campaign testing, product led-growth, and so on.

Yet, these same modern marketing teams approach creative in an outdated way, leaving campaign performance and revenue on the table.

It’s time for a better way to get creative. Learn how with Thomas Shields, Director of Product Marketing at Superside.

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May 2023, 11

Discovery Isn’t Dead, You’re Just Thinking About It Wrong with Tarmo van der Goot

Discovery fatigue is a real thing in today’s market. Information is readily available, and buyers don’t want to listen to AE discovery calls.

But is that actually true?

Have high-performing Sales teams actually stopped doing discovery, or are they just doing it differently?

In this session with Tarmo van der Goot, Vice President EMEA for Chargebee, we discuss why discovery isn’t dead; you’re just thinking about it wrong.

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May 2023, 04

Friends Don’t Let Friends Make Sh*tty Video with Rich Adkin

When we care about our friends, we don’t let them jump into peril.

Producing video can be just that—a long and arduous process that ends with no video traction and a tired, pissed-off team.

In this session with Rich Adkin, CEO of Flikli, you will learn:

  • The best practices for video content strategy to get you started
  • How to where the value of video comes from so you can make an informed decision on the best partner for the projects you have
  • Three tenets of a successful video

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May 2023, 02

The Enterprise Sales Cycle Just Got Long AF with Brian Gerrard

We are living in an unprecedented time of SaaS! Needless to say, the Enterprise sales cycle has changed for the foreseeable future.

Now, we will have to lean in deeper than ever before and ensure whoever we hire is not only technical but respectfully persistent and organized to drive a deal to closure—which is exactly what you’ll learn in this session with Brian Gerrard, Sales Director at Outreach.

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Apr 2023, 28

Following Content Trends Is A Recipe for Disaster with Chris Decker

Marketing experts keep saying that you need to follow trends on social media in order to grow.

But following trends leads to disaster: total burnout and brand confusion.

The way to win is to lead your market with content from a place of depth and clarity which leads to community and engagement. In this hot take, Chris Decker, CEO and co-founder of Salescast, will show you how to break out from the flock and finally lead from a position of strength in your content.

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Apr 2023, 26

Your Launches Aren’t Having the Impact They Should with Janet Giesen

Whether you are launching a new product, partnership, or campaign, you typically get one shot to launch it in the market. So you need to do it right, or it will fizzle out without business impact. Your launches will need careful planning and follow-through to stand out.

This talk with Janet Giesen, founder & principal at JetPath Consulting, gets to the heart of successful launch planning: from mapping your audiences to identifying business objectives to getting teams across product, sales, and marketing to launch together.

It will also cover balancing market share and mindshare objectives in your launch strategy and follow-up.

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Apr 2023, 25

Think You’re Good At Listening? You’re Not. with Clay Miner

Ask 10 different sales leaders what makes a great salesperson you’re bound to get many of the same answers: Product knowledge, effective communication, discipline, etc…

However, the skill of listening is often overlooked as most assume they are good at listening. They are wrong.

In this session with Clay Miner, Global VP of Sales & Value Engineering at Pendo, you’ll learn:

  • The origins of active listening
  • Why active listening is critical in building authentic, empathetic relationships
  • Workshop ideas to practice active listening with your team.

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Apr 2023, 24

Leading With Features Kills Your GTM Strategy with Sam Isaacs

Picture this: you’re a founder, have product-market fit, and are scaling. Suddenly outbound stops, SDRs are no longer efficient, inbound leads are no longer valuable, and you can no longer create revenue flywheels.

What now? Pivot your go-to-market strategy!

In this session, Sam Isaacs, Owner of Elevate PLG, highlights the importance of creating awareness through scaled campaigns and eliciting buyer emotions before solution sales, including examples demonstrating how leading on features is not always the most effective approach.

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Apr 2023, 21

RevOps For Grown-Ups, with Lorena Morales

RevOps isn’t just for B2B SaaS anymore.

In this session with Lorena Morales, Director of Global Digital Marketing, Revenue Operations at JLL, you’ll learn where to start when you do RevOps for a global enterprise company (100k + employees).

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Apr 2023, 20

Your Product Feedback Won’t Change Anything; your Validation Will, with Alex Grant

Many tech organizations have a process (or processes) to bring product feedback from front-line customer-facing teams to the teams that build the solution.

These processes are often cumbersome and time-consuming and don’t leave any team–or customers–feeling satisfied.

Here’s the dirty secret, most of that effort goes nowhere. We will talk about a better, more pragmatic way to ensure that the valuable perspective and knowledge of customer-facing teams actually become a driving force in product strategy and building decisions.

In this session with Alex Grant, VP of Product at Personio, we’ll discover:

  • The common failings of customer feedback systems
  • How to re-set expectations between Customer and Product Teams
  • How Customer insight should drive technology decision-making via validation

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