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Armando, Massimo & Gary
Oct 2023, 20

Boost LTV or Die Trying with Neel Desai

While 60-75% of your Retention does come from things like building the right product and making sure you’re delivering value to the right customers, 25-40% of your Retention comes from tactical levers in your business, which you can implement quickly.

In this session, Neel Desai, Director of Product at Paddle, will cover a series of optimizations that you can implement immediately to drive tactical retention:

  • Active cancellations with cancellation surveys and salvage flows
  • Expansion revenue with term optimization and add-ons
  • Payment failure recovery to reduce involuntary churn

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Oct 2023, 13

Enough With The Single Source of Truth Nonsense with Jacki Leahy

“Single Source of Truth” has been the rallying cry of RevOps for years–it’s a futile, arrogant exercise that will hobble your progress.

Distributed Source of Truth is the way of the future.

In this session with Jacki Leahy, founder and fractional RevOps Advisor at Activate the Magic, you will learn:

  • The difference between a Single Source of Truth and a Distributed Source of Truth
  • Limitations of a Single Source of Truth
  • Three advantages of a Distributed Source of Truth

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Sep 2023, 27

How to Speak the Language of the CFO for Max Growth with Katheline Jean-Pierre

In many organizations, marketers have not adopted the language and mindset of CFOs. Aligning marketing with finance is often a missed opportunity to deliver more value and profits.

In this session, Katheline Jean-Pierre, Managing Director, Financial Services & Canada at LinkedIn, will explore how the relationship between value creation and the alignment of the CMO and CFO can be strengthened. Specifically, we will examine the fundamental principles, metrics, and workflows necessary for establishing a genuine partnership between these two critical roles. We will also discuss the critical mental models to help create a pathway and assess where your company is.

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Sep 2023, 22

Nail Your Positioning through Argument Theory with Eric Duerr

Marketing is the business of persuasion. And no one understands persuasion more than ancient Greek philosophers. This session explores how marketers can harness the power of argument theory to develop better positioning and achieve persuasive outcomes.

By understanding the principles of argumentation and applying them in marketing contexts, marketers can better engage and influence target audiences.

In this unique presentation, Eric Duerr will delve into the world of argument theory and its applications in marketing. You will gain insights into how argument theory can help craft compelling messaging based on which arguments work best when persuading someone to choose your offering.

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Sep 2023, 19

No One Owns Your Customer Data Strategy? #Fail with Evan Dunn

It’s 2023, and all the talk in B2B SaaS is about what’s getting offloaded to AI. But what about good ol’ fashioned customer data?

Maybe it’s time SaaS orgs took control of their single most valuable asset with some intentionality.

In this session with Evan Dunn, Director of Growth Marketing at Syncari, you will learn:

  • Why SaaS is plagued with a false dichotomy between product and GTM
  • Why a unified approach to customer data makes all the difference in your GTM
  • What changes you need to make to stop being bogged down by data issues

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Sep 2023, 08

Sales Automations Are Making You Lose Time with Lorenzo Tiberi

In recent years, the automation of outreach actions has become a popular trend in outbound sales. It promises increased efficiency, higher volumes, and easier workflows. However, the over-reliance on automation has inadvertently led to intensified competition and a decline in conversion rates, ultimately wasting valuable time for sales teams.

In this session with Lorenzo Tiberi, CEO and co-founder at Crono, you will learn:

  • Sales automation pros and cons
  • How to fight the decline in conversion rates
  • What personalization at scale really means

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Aug 2023, 24

The Power of Asterisk-Free Data with Alexandra Alexin

Have you ever been in a situation where someone asks for a simple report such as ‘all newly created leads in Q1’? Have you been in a situation where you need to explain that the report link is correct but it’ll need to be exported, filtered for a specific date where there was a glitch, remove this one company name because that’s actually a duplicate of another company, and so on?

Of course you have.

Data needs to be accessible to all. Whether you have been with a company for five years or five weeks, you should be able to pull a report and get the same result.

In this session with Alexandra Alexin, Head of Demand Generation at Leapsome, you will learn:

  • How to pinpoint the right data points
  • How to make sure you don’t have a single point of failure
  • What to do if asterisks can’t be avoided

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Aug 2023, 17

Think About Strategic Partnerships Like A Pro with Kelly Benish

In this talk, Kelly Benish, Global VP of Strategic Partnerships at Uberall, will explore the importance of authenticity in fostering successful strategic partnerships and how relationship building goes beyond sales tactics or transactions.

Strategic partnerships are a cornerstone of success in today’s interconnected business landscape. It requires an authentic approach, one that focuses on building relationships founded on trust, value alignment, mutual investment, and strategy.

So, let’s dive in and discover how leading with authenticity can unlock the true potential of our partnerships.

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Aug 2023, 09

Are Your KPIs Misleading You? with Ben Murray

SaaS pricing models and revenue streams are changing. It’s no longer SaaS 1.0. Your KPIs and calculations must evolve with your business model if you have multiple revenue streams.

During this session with Ben Murray, founder of The SaaS CFO, you will learn:

  • Why you are misled by traditional KPIs
  • How to adjust your KPIs based on your revenue streams
  • The important CFO metrics to measure your GTM motion.

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Aug 2023, 07

Welcome to the Age of Experience-Led Growth with Christine Crandell

Discover the path to doubling your growth and revolutionizing your go-to-market by delving into Experience-Led Growth (ELG), a straightforward solution to the confusion and unpredictability often associated with customer experience.

ELG is here to revolutionize the way leaders like you think about vision setting, customer-centric strategy, and operating models.

Christine Crandell, president of New Business Strategies, will show you how to quickly transform your organization into a needle-mover powerhouse and build cult-like brand preference.

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