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Armando, Massimo & Gary
Oct 2023, 20

Boost LTV or Die Trying with Neel Desai

While 60-75% of your Retention does come from things like building the right product and making sure you’re delivering value to the right customers, 25-40% of your Retention comes from tactical levers in your business, which you can implement quickly.

In this session, Neel Desai, Director of Product at Paddle, will cover a series of optimizations that you can implement immediately to drive tactical retention:

  • Active cancellations with cancellation surveys and salvage flows
  • Expansion revenue with term optimization and add-ons
  • Payment failure recovery to reduce involuntary churn

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Oct 2023, 16

Competitive Intelligence is not a Feature Comparison with Amy Beaudoin

Trying to compare your product to a competitor is not always a feature-by-feature comparison. In fact, that could get you in hot water if it’s inaccurate. You must also analyze their services, sales, and other areas that are critical for the software implementation to be successful.

In this session with Amy Beaudoin, Product Marketing Director at Visier, you will learn:

  • Ways to compete beyond talking about features
  • How to demonstrate weaknesses in your competitor through a third party
  • Points to give your sellers to win the deal

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Aug 2023, 16

It’s Not Product-Led Or Sales-Led: It’s Both with Mike McFarlane

The way that people buy software now is either:

  • through a salesperson or
  • relying on the product to provide value.

The truth is, you probably want to land somewhere in the middle where the product has strong adoption, but you have someone guiding and teaching you along the way.

Much like content creators have brought new sales channels to brands, independent consultants who specialize in multiple MarTech platforms can provide a unique perspective as to what platform or solution is best for you.

In this session with Mike MacFarlane, founder of 3MG, Mike McFarlane Marketing Group, you will learn:

  • How to choose a buying partner when it comes to MarTech
  • How to choose the best MarTech solution for YOU
  • When is the right time to choose a buying partner

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Aug 2023, 14

Reinventing Your Product Roadmap With Data with Ryan Donovan

Do you want to sleep well at night knowing your product roadmap is focused on the right things?

This Hot Take will show you how to leverage two proven methodologies (Jobs to be Done plus Reforge Adoption Funnel/Framework) to qualitatively and quantitatively assess product market fit.

In this session with Ryan Donovan, CPTO at Grin, you will learn:

  • What is the Jobs to be Done Methodology
  • What is the Reforge Adoption Funnel/Framework
  • How can you use the two together to have the most customer-focused roadmap possible

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Jul 2023, 20

Growth’s Dynamic Duo: Product-Led and Sales-Led with João Romão

Are you tired of making the choice between the blue pill (sales-led strategy) and the red pill (product-led strategy)?

Well, we have good news for you–you don’t have to choose just one.

In this session with João Romão, Principal Product Manager at, we will explore the benefits of both approaches and how integrating them can create a hybrid strategy that takes your business to new heights.

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Jul 2023, 12

Your UX Team Should Lead the Willingness to Buy Research with Alvaro Soto

WTP research is usually conducted by the business at best, or at worst by an external research firm without any context or continuity to see the research implemented.

UX research teams are well positioned to help the business determine if customers are willing to pay for that feature or product you want to build.

In this session with Alvaro Soto, Director of Product Management, Growth at Procore, you will learn:

  • Why WTP research is scary for many UX and product teams
  • How to make WTP part of your continuous discovery practice
  • How to involve all stakeholders in your product development for better outcomes.

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Jul 2023, 03

Why Sales and Product Need To Know Each Other’s Job with Vivek Bedi

Sales is driving revenue, and Product is driving value. It’s important they come together and drive results.

In this session, we will explore why these two highly important functions in the product growth model need to spend more time with each other to be successful.

In this session with Vivek Bedi, CPO at Product Immersion, you will learn:

  • How to leverage product needs, features, roadmaps, and stories to help generate more revenue
  • How to leverage sales sentiment to build better products
  • How to partner with each other to do your own job better!

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Jun 2023, 12

You’re Not As Customer-Centric As You Think with Genny Orser

It’s easy to get caught in a trap of thinking that being customer-centric primarily lies on your Customer teams.

However, while different in their day-to-day activities, these two teams live in the middle of your front-line Customer teams and the people building your product.

In this session with Genny Orser, VP of Marketing at Mappedin, you will learn:

  1. Strategies for increasing organic communication and planning between Product and Marketing.
  2. How to build empathy and understanding of potential and current customer challenges.
  3. How to drive consistent alignment on the product you’re delivering and how you’re delivering it.

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May 2023, 31

Stop Treating Creative Like A Short-Order Chef with Thomas Shields

Many marketing teams have evolved their strategy for the digital world with high-tempo campaign testing, product led-growth, and so on.

Yet, these same modern marketing teams approach creative in an outdated way, leaving campaign performance and revenue on the table.

It’s time for a better way to get creative. Learn how with Thomas Shields, Director of Product Marketing at Superside.

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