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Armando, Massimo & Gary
May 2023, 31

Stop Treating Creative Like A Short-Order Chef with Thomas Shields

Many marketing teams have evolved their strategy for the digital world with high-tempo campaign testing, product led-growth, and so on.

Yet, these same modern marketing teams approach creative in an outdated way, leaving campaign performance and revenue on the table.

It’s time for a better way to get creative. Learn how with Thomas Shields, Director of Product Marketing at Superside.

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Apr 2023, 26

Your Launches Aren’t Having the Impact They Should with Janet Giesen

Whether you are launching a new product, partnership, or campaign, you typically get one shot to launch it in the market. So you need to do it right, or it will fizzle out without business impact. Your launches will need careful planning and follow-through to stand out.

This talk with Janet Giesen, founder & principal at JetPath Consulting, gets to the heart of successful launch planning: from mapping your audiences to identifying business objectives to getting teams across product, sales, and marketing to launch together.

It will also cover balancing market share and mindshare objectives in your launch strategy and follow-up.

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Apr 2023, 20

Your Product Feedback Won’t Change Anything; your Validation Will, with Alex Grant

Many tech organizations have a process (or processes) to bring product feedback from front-line customer-facing teams to the teams that build the solution.

These processes are often cumbersome and time-consuming and don’t leave any team–or customers–feeling satisfied.

Here’s the dirty secret, most of that effort goes nowhere. We will talk about a better, more pragmatic way to ensure that the valuable perspective and knowledge of customer-facing teams actually become a driving force in product strategy and building decisions.

In this session with Alex Grant, VP of Product at Personio, we’ll discover:

  • The common failings of customer feedback systems
  • How to re-set expectations between Customer and Product Teams
  • How Customer insight should drive technology decision-making via validation

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