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Armando, Massimo & Gary
Aug 2023, 28

The New Demand Generation Paradigm in a Product-Led World with Danny Essner

The New Demand Generation Paradigm in a Product-Led World Product-Led is replacing Sales-Led as the primary go-to-market motion for many businesses. This paradigm shift requires a change in marketing as well. We can no longer rely on gating content to capture and nurture leads with content. MQLs are no longer our most important KPI.

In this session, Danny Essner, VP of Marketing at Chameleon, will explore what the impact is on Marketing teams from moving from a Sales-led to a Product-led or hybrid go-to-market motion.

We’ll look at what strategies and best practices ruled the Sales-led era and focus on three new strategies marketers can employ to generate demand more effectively in a product-led environment.

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Aug 2023, 25

Be a One Person Content Machine with Timur Daudpota

Being a one-person content machine starts with a mindset, you will be able to scale your content team with pennies on the dollar, as well as increase your SEO possibilities.

In this session with Timur Daudpota, founding partner of 2080 Ventures, you will learn:

  • How to dominate SEO
  • How to make money from content
  • How to create a content team with pennies on the dollar

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Aug 2023, 24

The Power of Asterisk-Free Data with Alexandra Alexin

Have you ever been in a situation where someone asks for a simple report such as ‘all newly created leads in Q1’? Have you been in a situation where you need to explain that the report link is correct but it’ll need to be exported, filtered for a specific date where there was a glitch, remove this one company name because that’s actually a duplicate of another company, and so on?

Of course you have.

Data needs to be accessible to all. Whether you have been with a company for five years or five weeks, you should be able to pull a report and get the same result.

In this session with Alexandra Alexin, Head of Demand Generation at Leapsome, you will learn:

  • How to pinpoint the right data points
  • How to make sure you don’t have a single point of failure
  • What to do if asterisks can’t be avoided

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Aug 2023, 21

Your Sales/Marketing Misalignment Is Your Marketing Strategy with Liz Sullivan

Let’s not beat a dead horse discussing the age-old challenge of sales and marketing alignment (or lack thereof). Rather, let’s dive into the root of the issue.

During end-of-year planning, Sales and RevOps leaders are busy dissecting historical performance, total addressable market, and sales territories in order to generate segmented, AE-based pipeline and bookings goals. On the other hand, marketers are knee-deep in planning their campaign budget.

But marketers, what about the numbers!? (and I’m not just talking about MQL goals.)

I hate to break it to you–but if you don’t treat your marketing plan as seriously as sales treat their pipeline and quota plans, you will never achieve sales and marketing alignment.

In this session with Liz Sullivan, VP of Marketing at Discern, we will discuss how to generate a marketing plan that truly aligns marketing with sales and your entire organization.

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Aug 2023, 17

Think About Strategic Partnerships Like A Pro with Kelly Benish

In this talk, Kelly Benish, Global VP of Strategic Partnerships at Uberall, will explore the importance of authenticity in fostering successful strategic partnerships and how relationship building goes beyond sales tactics or transactions.

Strategic partnerships are a cornerstone of success in today’s interconnected business landscape. It requires an authentic approach, one that focuses on building relationships founded on trust, value alignment, mutual investment, and strategy.

So, let’s dive in and discover how leading with authenticity can unlock the true potential of our partnerships.

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Aug 2023, 16

It’s Not Product-Led Or Sales-Led: It’s Both with Mike McFarlane

The way that people buy software now is either:

  • through a salesperson or
  • relying on the product to provide value.

The truth is, you probably want to land somewhere in the middle where the product has strong adoption, but you have someone guiding and teaching you along the way.

Much like content creators have brought new sales channels to brands, independent consultants who specialize in multiple MarTech platforms can provide a unique perspective as to what platform or solution is best for you.

In this session with Mike MacFarlane, founder of 3MG, Mike McFarlane Marketing Group, you will learn:

  • How to choose a buying partner when it comes to MarTech
  • How to choose the best MarTech solution for YOU
  • When is the right time to choose a buying partner

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Aug 2023, 15

You Need To Give Google All Your Marketing Data with Glenn Schmezle

According to a Google-commissioned BCG study: companies move through 4 stages of digital maturity, going from “nascent” to “emerging” to “connected” to “multi-moment.”

For B2B companies, the “connected” stage refers to pulling data out of silos and sharing it with the channel platforms that you advertise on. Marketers who have not connected their data risk having the AI assign bids randomly, leading to high cost of acquisition and decreased profits.

By harnessing data models, companies can train their ad channels to effectively retarget audiences with optimized bidding.

In this session, with Glenn Schmezle, Founder and Chief Strategist at Marketing What’s New, you will learn:

  • How to combine your internal data with GA4
  • Understand ML’s power
  • What it takes to leverage it with your retargeting campaigns

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Aug 2023, 14

Reinventing Your Product Roadmap With Data with Ryan Donovan

Do you want to sleep well at night knowing your product roadmap is focused on the right things?

This Hot Take will show you how to leverage two proven methodologies (Jobs to be Done plus Reforge Adoption Funnel/Framework) to qualitatively and quantitatively assess product market fit.

In this session with Ryan Donovan, CPTO at Grin, you will learn:

  • What is the Jobs to be Done Methodology
  • What is the Reforge Adoption Funnel/Framework
  • How can you use the two together to have the most customer-focused roadmap possible

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Aug 2023, 11

Tips to Turn Client Feedback into Revenue with Donti Twine

Changes in technology, along with increasing market shifts and the pace of business, make it even more important to get closer to customers and obtain a deeper understanding of their needs has become critical for business actions and success.

Any organization can gather customer feedback, but turning that feedback into actionable plans that are impactful to your customer’s success will ultimately contribute to directly driving revenue for your organization.

In this session with Donti Twine, Director of Sales at Kaseya, you will learn:

  • Data collection approaches
  • How to improve customer satisfaction
  • How to boost loyalty and revenue

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Aug 2023, 09

Are Your KPIs Misleading You? with Ben Murray

SaaS pricing models and revenue streams are changing. It’s no longer SaaS 1.0. Your KPIs and calculations must evolve with your business model if you have multiple revenue streams.

During this session with Ben Murray, founder of The SaaS CFO, you will learn:

  • Why you are misled by traditional KPIs
  • How to adjust your KPIs based on your revenue streams
  • The important CFO metrics to measure your GTM motion.

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