August 31, 2022

New Decay Simulator for Your Activity Scoring Model

Lead scoring requires more than just a static score–time is key to its success! At Breadcrumbs, we have crafted a highly customizable time decay simulator so that scores aren’t stagnant. Rather, they decrease gradually as the days go by… allowing your contacts’ scores to truly reflect their engagement in real-time!

Contacts visiting your pricing page 3 days ago shouldn’t get the same score as contacts who visited your page 3 months ago. Similarly, you want to know immediately about in-product activity happening today. Immediately… not three weeks from now.

Breadcrumbs’ brand-new decay simulator allows you to do just that: easily customize and control how your score decays over time to effectively surface intent the moment it happens!

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You can customize how time impacts your scores when creating your activity scoring model in Breadcrumbs. Let’s see this example of an activity category in an upsell scoring model:

Breadcrumbs New Decay Simulator

Here we are tracking contacts who viewed our support and resources center to understand if they are ready for an upsell. The overall weight of this activity is 40% of the total 100%.

Plus, we want to track users who have viewed the support and resources center at least 1x (see: min frequency) but no more than 5x (see: max frequency.)

Next, we will input an absolute decay of 15% and an interval rate of 45 days.

This means for the contact to receive a top score of 40%, they would need to reach the max frequency of 5 webpage visits within 1-45 days.

For every 45 additional days that pass, the score will drop 15% because the contact becomes less relevant. This is true for contacts that view the support and resources center at the Max Frequency of 5x. They can’t reach the full weighted 40% because the prime window to receive that score was days 1-45.

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