December 20, 2021

Model Category Highlights & Health Check

As the end of the year approaches, here’s a HUGE roundup of our latest releases and improvements! See you all in the New Year! 🙂 🎉 🎊 

Model Category Highlights

Breadcrumbs analytics dashboard is designed to help you better understand and optimize your scoring model. With this latest release, we give you an even more powerful tool to understand how your scoring model categories are working and edit what’s not working in just one click: the Model Category Highlights widget.

You can now view:

  • each category scored contacts & their average score
  • how many contacts have recent activities (for activity categories)
  • categories with low scores or few matched rules and edit them

Health Check (now Reveal)

We released a powerful tool to analyze your leads and customers (hey, writing from the future, we rebranded it to Breadcrumbs Reveal; you can check all updated functionalities!)

You can now view:

  • your top impacted fields
  • charts for the fields distribution
  • high-level stats of the list

And.. you can create a new scoring category directly from the Health Check in just one click!

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Product update
  • Duplicate Scoring Model. This is one of the most requested improvements you requested, and the team delivered it! You can duplicate your scoring model directly from your Scoring Models page. We’ll duplicate all categories into a new draft you can edit immediately.
  • Email Reports. You can now set up email reports to be sent to your email address and the email address of your collaborators every week.
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  • Time ranges for Fit categories. Choose time ranges when setting up your Fit categories rules.
  • Data processing. View the progress of data processing in real-time, i.e., when the data was last updated and the percentage of data analyzed if the process is ongoing.
  • Dashboard filters. Filter the data shown in the Analytics dashboard: All (Fit & Activity grades), only Fit or only Activity.
  • Best Fit and Activity Category. The best Fit and the best Activity categories are now highlighted in the scoring models’ list.
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