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Stay Ahead with AI-DRIVEN Competitive Intelligence

Always-on competitive intelligence team

Unkover is your AI-driven Competitive Intelligence team delivering critical updates about your competitors the moment they happen:

  • Relevant Page Changes
  • New Funding Rounds
  • Customer reviews
  • Press mentions
  • Acquisitions & Exits
  • SEO gaps & opportunities

Track your competitors website changes

Keep tabs on your competitors key pages

Why spend all day stalking the competition when you don’t have to?

With Unkover, you’ll know instantly when your competitors tweak their messaging or shake up their pricing. No more endless scrolling through their sites or second-guessing your strategies.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you, ensuring you’re always in the loop by notifying you the moment a critical change happens on your competitor’s pages.

Sit back, relax, and keep winning—Unkover makes sure you’re not just in the game, you’re always a step ahead.

Screenshot of Unkover's feature that tracks competitors key website pages

Read your competitors emails

Get competitor insights directly from the source

Companies love updating their customers and prospects about relevant news, product updates, and special offers.

That juicy info from your competitors? It’s yours too. Unkover will automatically capture all their emails and bring them right to your doorstep—accessible to your entire team, anytime.

[COMING SOON: Our fine-tuned AI will sift through these emails, extract key information and send them over to the best team within your org. Less noise, more signal!]

There’s no use in gathering intelligence unless it’s actionable!

We hear you! Unkover’s goal is not to flood you with tons of data points that no one in your team will ever read. We gather competitive intelligence from thousands of data sources and use AI to highlight actionable information to the right team in your company.

Say goodbye to noise. We’re 100% signal.


A sneak peek into what’s coming

We’re excited to get Unkover in your hands as soon as possible and keep building the best competitive intelligence tool with your precious feedback. The roadmap for the next few months is already exciting, so take a look!

While we build and deliver, here’s our promise to you: as an early tester and customer, you’ll lock in an exclusive bargain price we’ll never offer again in the future.


Marketing Hub

Spy on your competitors’ full marketing strategy: social, ads, content marketing, email flows, and more.


Sales Hub

Track competitive Win/Loss analysis and build battle cards. Get alerted at every pricing change.


Product Hub

Get immediate alerts when competitors announce new features or major releases. Identify strengths and weaknesses from online reviews.



Get the competitive intelligence you need where you need it: Slack, eMail, MS Teams, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and more.

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Up to 5 competitors

50 pages monitored

10 email workflows

3-day data refresh


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100 pages monitored

20 email workflows

1-day data refresh


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Custom number of competitors

Custom number of pages monitored

Custom number of email workflows

Hourly data refresh

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June 21, 2021

Full UI Revamp

Welcome to Breadcrumbs’ first-ever video changelog!

June has been a great month with so many new features released to make your lead scoring more powerful and simple.

We’ve nearly doubled our development team so hold tight, this is just a sample of what’s coming in the next few months. We are working hard to deliver the best revenue acceleration platform in the world and make it accessible to everyone.

Here’s everything we released in June:

Product update
  • New UI: We completely revamped Breadcrumbs’ interface. Everything is now faster, smoother, and more intuitive.
  • Scoring Model Creation: The new flow is so much better. You now get a full overview of your scoring model, more matching rules, and a new simulator to understand how your activity categories will behave.
  • Category Analytics: Immediately understand what’s working and what’s not in your Fit and Activity categories. The new Analytics shows you what’s matching and what’s not in a snap.
  • Wildcards: when creating matching rules in Fit Categories you can now use wildcards like * and ? to make your matching more flexible. (ie. VP *).
  • Dashboard switch of New Leads: All the graphs in the dashboard can now be switched to analyze all contacts scored or only the new ones on a daily basis.
Bug fixing

We completely rewrote the frontend of Breadcrumbs, fixing a meaningful number of bugs which would be too long to list! From next month we’ll start releasing a detailed list of bugs fixed.

  • Pendo: build more powerful scoring models with in-product usage data from Pendo. This is the secret weapon for every RevOps. With Pendo you can build scoring models to detect upsell opportunities, churn risk, and much more.
  • Marketo: Not on Hubspot? No problem, we now fully support Marketo too. One of the most popular marketing automation platforms is finally available on Breadcrumbs.
  • Segment (Beta): The top requested integration since day 1 is now available in beta, unlocking access to all your fit and activity data in 1 click. Just ping customer support and we’ll enable the beta version on your account!
  • Intercom (Beta): Everyone seems to love Intercom. We know why! And we’re so happy to have full Intercom support available in beta. Again, just ping customer support if you want access to it.