January 30, 2023

Analyze Your Customer List with Explore & UI improvements

In the first month of the year, we released a new effective feature allowing you to analyze your customer list using Breadcrumbs Explore. Plus, some UI improvements powered by our latest Event for Reveal tool. Here’s everything we released in January:

Product update
  • Customer List in Explore: you can now view, filter, segment, and sort your customer list across all your connected data sources and deep dive into your best customers’ attributes and behaviors. View trends for all your contacts or explore one individual contact’s activities to pinpoint the actions that led to conversion.
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  • Activity Frequency Suggester: with the help of Events for Reveal data, we’re now able to suggest the max frequency of each event so that you can set up the right frequency based on actual data.
  • Improved Activity Labels: with this improvement, we aligned the names of the Events’ properties in the model creation builder and the analytics sections.
  • Remember Last View in Analytics Graphs: we now keep your last selected view in all the analytics dashboards. The feature is browser-based so that each team member can choose their preferred selection.