Hot Takes

Is it wrong to be honest about why a business exists?


All things old are new again, I actually just read an article that suggests marketing is all about “storytelling”. 

Imagine my surprise at this being a novel idea, I had always thought of storytelling as a fundamental element of good marketing. 

Similarly, Revenue (profit), is and always has been the objective of a business. 

We may qualify that objective with modifiers but ultimately that is the objective. As much as it’s become en vogue to focus on social issues or specifically the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. The reality is that this is not the primary purpose of most businesses and this isn’t a bad thing.

Growing a business, even if there is no overtly stated social purpose, is still a great thing.  Profit-driven businesses are the literal foundation of the prosperity enjoyed by the vast majority of modern society. 

The logic is obvious but just in case it’s not, let’s look at the value chain.  Growing and profitable businesses create jobs that provide incomes that allow for individuals and families to provide for their needs and support causes they choose. 

Obviously, the common good is also supported through taxation at all levels that make public infrastructure and social programs possible.

Clearly, there is room for debate of the economic system itself and improvements to it that lead to greater equity and opportunity for all. However, that shouldn’t cause us to lose sight of the greater good in the current economic system that starting and growing business equates to. 

The modifiers are important but so is making money!