What is Lead Routing?

Lead routing is the process of distributing incoming leads to your sales staff; each business will likely have their own lead routing system based on a number of different factors. 

What is Frequency in Lead Scoring?

In lead scoring, frequency assesses the value of a lead’s action based on how often the specific action was taken. Users taking certain actions more often are given slightly higher scores.

What is Recency in Lead Scoring?

Recency in lead scoring determines how impactful an action is based on when the lead took it; strong lead scoring models will have time-decay built into the system to account for when a lead took a specific action.

What is Activity in Lead Scoring?

Activity in lead scoring takes behavioral data into account to determine which leads are the most high-intent (or the most likely to convert). Activity can help your sales team identify high-intent leads alongside opportunities to upsell, cross-sell, or prevent churn from existing clients.

What is Fit in Lead Scoring? 

Fit in lead scoring utilizes firmographic data to help determine whether or not a contact closely aligns with your ICP (and whether or not they’re likely to convert).

Illustration Of Revenuepedia - Lead Scoring

What Is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is the method of assigning points to a contact or potential prospects based on how closely they resemble your buyer persona. The higher the lead score, the more likely the lead is to be a good fit for your product or service.

What Is Contact Scoring?

Contact scoring is a methodology that involves ranking contacts (enter: leads and customers alike) based on criteria such as company information and how and how recently they’ve interacted with your business. It allows you to identify high-value opportunities, re-engage clients you can cross-sell or upsell to, and capture disenfranchised clients before they’re gone for good. 

What Is Data Quality For Lead Scoring?

Data quality for lead scoring involves ensuring the data input into lead scoring models is clean, standardized, and scorable, resulting in more reliable lead scoring models and a smoother lead handoff process.

What Is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment is a process that allows companies to gather raw data about customers and leads by matching the existing data in their existing database with third-party data. This results in updated and enriched data, giving pertinent information about contacts.