Illustration Of Influential Women To Follow

20 Influential Women to Follow in 2023 

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating some of the top influential women in the RevOps, B2B marketing, and sales worlds. From multi-time TEDx speakers to college lecturers, CEOs, founders, and …

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Illustration Of Product Leaders To Follow

12 Product Leaders to Follow in 2023

Product leaders play a crucial role in any organization. It’s up to them to create and oversee a product team, determine a product’s strategic direction, and select the systems and …

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Illustration Of Revops Leaders

18 RevOps Leaders to Follow to Maximize Your Profit

RevOps is a rapidly-growing niche, and it’s so much more than just a buzzword. RevOps leaders are successfully finding effective ways to improve your workflows, internal processes, and even the …

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Illustration Of Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations: A 5-Step Guide From Start to Finish

Marketing operations is the beating heart of your marketing efforts.  It supports your marketing strategy with the end goal of improving collaboration across multiple departments, engagement, and revenue growth. If …

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