March 31, 2023

Routing Destinations & HubSpot Custom Objects

Welcome to the March changelog for Breadcrumbs. We’re excited to share two significant updates that will enhance your experience and empower you to make the most of our platform.

First up, we’ve improved the settings for routing destinations.

When setting your scoring model live, you can route the scores back to your CRM and trigger workflows based on those scores.

This update streamlines the process and prevents errors. Destination fields are now set at the workspace level, making it more user-friendly and eliminating duplications in your CRM.

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The second exciting update is that Breadcrumbs now supports HubSpot custom objects!

HubSpot custom objects allow you to structure your CRM data based on how you actually use it and store unique data specific to your business.

When creating your scoring models in Breadcrumbs, using HubSpot custom objects enables you to use that data to enrich your contacts and build even laser-focused scoring models.

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Experience the improved routing destination settings and unleash the power of HubSpot custom objects for even more efficient lead scoring models.

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