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Without Resonance, Your Content Will Fail

Marketing Revenue

When you’re creating content, you don’t want to just think about what might rank well in the SERPs; you need to think about how to create content that will make people feel something. 

This is the topic of the Hot Takes Live talk by Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing at Vidyard

Lessard shared that he always thought their Vidyard social media and content strategies were successful. And in all conventional senses, they were; there was great SEO performance, good integration with demand programs, and consistent follower growth. They were struggling, however, with active engagement and sharing. 

Then they launched the “Sales Feed,” and everything changed. It’s the “number one newsletter for salespeople,” promoted not only through email but across multiple social media accounts.

 They focused on content that would resonate with their target audience, and their followers and engagement skyrocketed.

Hyperfocus on content resonance with your target audience is a true game-changer. 

You don’t just want to create what they want, but also what they deserve. 

Resonance takes relevance, value, emotional connection, format, and a little bit of that almost undefinable “irresistibility factor” into consideration. You’ll create something that your audience responds to, engages with, and almost can’t help but share. 

Content that achieves that resonance goal can lead to reactions like “I can’t wait for the next post” and “my co-workers will love this.” A classic “you get me” is always another great sign. 

So what exactly does this look like?

First, you need to put your social media and content marketing strategies through a review process. Consider them under a fresh lens of “audience resonance” and ask whether or not your content is up to the task at hand.

To get an objective look at this, start by using focus groups to get real feedback. This can include getting feedback from internal team members.

Take cues from popular platforms like Tiktok, YouTube, and Instagram. See what’s performing well and why. That can give you incredible insight.

And remember to draw a hard line in the sand. Your success metric here is engagement. This content is meant to help build a brand, which pays dividends in the long run, but in order to assess how relevant your content is to people, you aren’t just looking at SEO results or clicks; it’s all about how people are engaging.

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