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What’s the difference between “contact scoring” and “lead scoring”?

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Marketing has known this for years: out of 1,000 people that visit your pricing page or view your webinar or download an ebook, not everyone is interest-ED in the same way in you, but not everyone is interest-ING in the same way to you either.

Some of those people will be more highly motivated while some not so much, some of them will be engaging with you for the 1st time while some for the 11th one, some of them will be more senior profiles while some more junior ones, some will be working at more mature organizations while some at younger ones, some will have been working at those organizations for years while some will have just started a few months ago. Sifting through the noise in an effective way is critical.

But why is this only a marketing need to be applied to leads? Truth is, and the most successful organizations have known it for years: it’s not.

In fact, why not look at your customers in the same way across all your online properties and organizational functions (marketing, product, sales, success, support)?

Once upon a time closing a sale would define the end of the process, but today’s businesses thrive on their ability to build a relationship with an audience, provide ongoing value, and monetize that value in the most effective way possible.

Not every customer can be upsold or is at risk or can be resurrectable in the same way… also: one can be something at a point in time, and something else entirely at a different point in time.

That’s what contact (rather than “lead”) scoring is about. Revolutionary, huh?