Hot Takes

Your MarTech Stack Is Wrong


There’s a good chance that your MarTech stack is wrong. Wrong enough that it’s not really working for you in the ways that it should and that it could even be holding you back.

This is what Jenn Steele, the CEO of Kissmetrics, learned when she tried to move from an enterprise model to a product-led motion without changing her MarTech stack first.

She shared her experience in her Hot Takes Live session.

She was using HubSpot, which worked great from an enterprise model but not a product-led motion model. 

The team spent an enormous amount of time integrating three data points into HubSpot. 

Using her own words, “it sucked.” It was an enormous amount of work, and it still sucked. They couldn’t see anything beyond three separate actions in-product, which completely took them out at the knees in terms of their analytics abilities.  

Marketing technology isn’t really built to analyze in-product journeys. At least not most marketing tools on the market today. They look more for things like website journeys and email responses. It shows what happens leading up to users engaging with your product—what touchpoints they’ve interacted with and what messaging they’ve responded to. Once users start using your product, the data can turn up a little short. 

Doing product-led growth with your current MarTech stack, therefore, is just going to suck. (Can we stress that enough?)

You really need full visibility here, not something that’s kludged together. 

So what does this look like in practice?

You need to start by finding the right tools for the job at hand. 

Figure out what questions you’re trying to answer, and start there. What are you trying to do? How are you trying to grow, and what information do you need in order to do that? 

What does a conversion rate tell you, or do you need to identify what the customer path in-product looks like? Do you really know who your audience is? 

The product team may also be helpful—they may want the same tools, and some of that information may be overlapping.

Remember that, above all else, you need to demand visibility. Without it, you won’t be successful. 

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