July 28, 2021

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Navigating Marketing with Sam Hunter

In this episode of the Revenue Café, Breadcrumbs co-founder and Chief Product Officer Gary Amaral is joined by Sam Hunter, Head of Sales at Driveroo, to chat about product/value pricing, determine your ideal customer, and how COVID-inspired shifts led him to find his true calling.

A lifelong career in a myriad of sales positions, from pounding phones to retail, brought Sam Hunter to Driveroo today, where he culminated years of sales experience and spun them into the tools he needed as Head of Sales. As Head of Sales at Driveroo, he helps steer connections and close deals, navigating marketing to create a truly unique product.

Driveroo is a fleet management app that focuses on vehicle inspections, connecting drivers to a network of local, ASE-certified technicians who are ready to take care of your car. Driveroo analyzes millions of data points and known issues with the vehicles, directs your technician to potential issues or safety recalls, provides the only on-demand Pre-Purchase Inspections, and offers a Seller’s Self Inspection tool to build a digital profile and set a competitive selling price for your car. 

Sam Hunter, Head of Sales at Driveroo

Key Takeaways

  1. It is crucial you determine if you’re pricing your product to your perceived value sooner than later. There are key benefits to having fewer clients who pay 4x as much as the clients looking for a deal that might stretch your team too thin. 
  2. A lot of businesses are exploring tech to enrich their models and raise efficiency while saving money, now is the time to utilize the skills you’ve developed. 
  3. Customers and prospects are facing different challenges – adapting your selling points to these new niches can make a huge difference in your sales conversion rates.

Some topics we discussed included

  • What it was like to watch Sam’s industry get slammed by Covid restrictions and the moves he made to shift industries and turn it around. 
  • How crazy the ‘post-covid’ world is, the market and noticeable changes in how business is conducted.
  • Utilizing the new found freetime and slowed sales early in the pandemic to flip into investing in ourselves and projects we’ve put off that can increase sales and efficiency. 
  • The cultural and generational shift from the boom & rise of the entrepreneur in the gig economy today.
  • The wild market that climbs while more people are at home and spending is less diverse.
  • The NFT collecting craze and what an NFT as well as the ways it’s inspired confidence in naming your own price. 
  • How to value your prices for your work to the perceived value to someone else and your total adjusted market over under-valuing your product. 
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