October 20, 2021

Product-led Growth: Zeroing in on Personalization and Engagement with Zach Rego

In this episode of the Revenue Café, Breadcrumbs co-founder and CMO Gary Amaral is joined by Zach Rego, The VP of Marketing and Sales of the SaaS solution Unstack to discuss product-led growth, overcoming objections and the challenges as a start-up, his perspective on valuable lead scoring, personalization in marketing and the importance of tracking the correct data to increase sales. 

Zach Rego is VP of Marketing and Sales of the SaaS solution Unstack. With an award-winning background, he has described himself as a Revenue leader, Demo Process Auditor, Career mentor, and he hosts his podcast as well. Zach has so much confidence in Unstack that he uses it for his new side start-up project, the mobile golf simulator Wego Golf.

Unstack is a Saas solution determined to power the next generation of marketing teams and entrepreneurs, like Shopify market sellers, by offering them one unified system for growing their business. The Unstack platform provides users with the fastest no-code website hosting to build beautiful and aesthetically pleasing marketing websites, membership sites, and dynamic landing pages. With a massive library of templates and ready-to-use design elements available at your fingertips, you can launch any page in moments without the need for developer resources. 

Unstack also offers its users resources like integrated A/B testing, SEO tools, form and contact management, and full-funnel metrics. Additionally, Unstacke’s one-click integrations allow you to work with all your everyday go-to marketing tools. 

Zach Rego, The VP of Marketing and Sales at Unstack

Key Takeaways

  1. People have a short-term memory when it comes to the purchases they make when building their websites. Digging deeper into the time, money, and assembly of a monthly cost involved in building your pages rather than focusing on just each individual cost can help give a more realistic picture for your clients on how you can help them spend less to have a cohesive landing page or website. 
  2. Good lead scoring practices can help save you and your company time by preventing you from chasing empty leads and helping you focus on clients who are actually engaged with your product. Tracking engagement is key to making the right information to make a sale for the right person. 
  3. Every product on the market struggles with finding its own persona. It might take some time and experimentation to find where your niche is, but the tools offered by Unstack can help you tailor your company’s persona with the data you’ve been able to collect from the tools they provide.

Some topics we discussed included

  • Zach tells us about the product-led approach Unstack uses with trials for a variety of businesses and how a single landing page creation can leads to platform migration. 
  • Zach tells us how he takes on the challenges of overcoming objections in sales. 
  • Customers are often more concerned about the time involved in migrating their website over the cost, and Zach tells us about how Unstack’s commitment to simplify migration helps the client. 
  • Zach and Gary chat about how there are different pain points in startups and their experiences with each stage of growth they’ve encountered so far. 
  • Zach and Gary tell us about finding their marketing persona for the product while trying to zero in on a narrative that designates the product to the right channels. 
  • Zach tells us about the leaps and bounds Unstack has taken to revamp themselves in the past 3 months to connect with their customer’s needs and their internal growth KPIs. 
  • Unstack is also a customer of Breadcrumbs. Zach tells us about what helped him make the decision to work with Breadcrumbs as their lead scoring platform.  
  • Zach tells Gary his thoughts when it comes to weighing out what a SaaS company may over-invest or under-invest in and moving their clients to the next logical step. 
  • Zach and Gary share what they feel is the biggest fallacy they’ve encountered through the course of their careers.
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