March 9, 2022

Adopting New Technology as a Team with Tim Fagan

In this second episode of season two of the Revenue Café, Breadcrumbs co-founder, CMO Gary Amaral, and Director of Sales Joe Aicher are joined by Tim Fagan, Head of Revenue Operations at Jampp. Gary, Joe, and Tim chat about their entrepreneurial roots, their experiences building and scaling Sales Ops, Revenue Ops, and Marketing teams, what these terms mean to them, and the importance of communication and having your team all on the same page (and using the same tools!). 

Tim Fagan is the global head of revenue operations at Jampp. Before Jampp, he founded Benefit Mobile, a mobile application dedicated to improving global health and wellness through social networking. Always looking to learn and explore, Tim has made his way through various Sales and Rev Ops Roles and has been with Jampp for a year. He’s built up a role that didn’t have a place and has been a critical part of Jampp’s current growth projection and implementing the tools and the communication between the teams to keep Jampp’s forward projected growth in motion. 

Jampp is a programmatic advertising platform used by the most ambitious companies to accelerate their mobile businesses. Founded in 2013, it leverages machine learning, creative optimization, and proprietary advertising solutions to drive incremental growth for its customers, whether reaching new users or increasing post-install conversions. In 2021, the company joined the Affle Group, a global consumer intelligence technology company.

Key Takeaways

  1. Experience is everything. The notion of apprenticeship is relative to trades but getting in there, getting your hands busy, and working on the part of a team or in a business is an excellent way to cut your teeth in the industry and an excellent option aside from traditional ventures in business school. 
  2. It’s important to unite your teams into the same workspace, especially so with remote workplaces. You might not always choose your favorite platform but if your team members know a lot about a particular platform, lean into it so you’re all on the same page before trying to move them to a new platform. 
  3. Don’t feel compelled to stay though! You can take the time to move everyone over to a more efficient service once you’re all on the same page, sometimes while you might have strength in having a unified set of tools, you might face setbacks on how they handle their customer service and their services they offer. 

Some topics we discussed included

  • Tim Fagan’s journey from pre-med school to his pivot into entrepreneurship, building an app, and exploring venture capital. 
  • Gary and Tim talk about the more unconventional paths that led them into marketing & entrepreneurship. 
  • Joe speaks about his own experiences building/merging the sales and rev opps teams and his experiences getting everyone on the team onto the same platform. 
  • The differences seen between the roles and terms for the Rev & Sales Ops teams across companies and what it’s meant for each team.
  • Problem solving and what techniques they use across their teams in the companies they’ve worked in. 
  • The importance of your process structures and the differences inbetween the skillsets they need for customer success and sales into future forecasting as the company grows. 
  • Thoughts on Tools like Salesforce vs Hubspot and when it’s best to keep the team on the same page or advance together into a new and improved tool.
  • When you’ve got to make that call on if the tool you’re using is still better for your team, as a whole, and not just switching tools to make your own job easier. 

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