13 RevOps Leaders to Follow to Maximize Your Profit

RevOps is a rapidly-growing niche, and it’s so much more than just a buzzword. RevOps leaders are successfully finding effective ways to improve your workflows, internal processes, and even the digital sales funnel in order to maximize and accelerate your revenue growth

That’s something we can get behind. 

Knowing what sources of information to trust and where to turn to for new advice, however, is crucial; as with any next-big-thing-styled idea, there are definitely some self-proclaimed gurus who can’t hold a candle to the real thing.

The good news is that there are plenty of outstanding thought leaders in the space, so let’s dive right in and take a look at 13 of the best RevOps leaders that you may not already know so you can grow your business and boost profit.

1. Ben McCarthy 

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Ben McCarthy, founder of SalesforceBen, helps Salesforce professionals advance in their careers by providing training, education, and certification resources. 

With almost 300,000 monthly readers on his site, McCarthy has built a community of more than 300 authors with expertise across many areas of the popular CRM and sales forecasting tool. All of these authors know how to leverage the tool to optimize revenue and grow brands.

They share their experiences, ideas, and advice for Salesforce consultants who are building and growing their businesses, focusing on maximizing revenue along the way. They also help their readers learn how to use Salesforce to help their clients get the most out of the platform so that they can sell more and improve their digital sales funnel. 

2. Jacki Leahy

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Jacki Leahy is the Vice President of Operations at Eustace Consulting, which provides Salesforce automation, software training, custom development, data migration and integration, and Salesforce implementation.

She’s worked in RevOps for different companies  before coming to Eustace Consulting, giving her a ton of valuable experience, and now specializes in utilizing Salesforce to help leaders solve challenges in startups and growth companies. 

She writes and publishes educational articles that relate to RevOps and include strategy, user experience (UX), client service, and much more. 

Jacki regularly appears as a guest in podcasts, which she often shares on her Twitter. This one is a personal favorite.

3. Jerry Bonura, Sr. 

Jerry Bonura, Sr. is the Senior Principal at TwentyPine, an organization that helps to grow Salesforce and RevOps teams. 

Through his work at TwentyPine, Bonura helps companies develop a growth formula that results in driving more revenue. In addition to helping organizations build RevOps teams, TwentyPine works with individual Salesforce professionals on their long-term career development goals. 

Bonura pops into LinkedIn with thought-provoking content about how to hire a great RevOps team, and is active in the Trailblazer community. He’s also a frequent panelist or guest host at virtual events. This is a great one to check out

4. Lorena Morales

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Lorena Morales is a Revenue Operations Executive at JLL Technologies, a company that specializes in helping commercial real estate experts build stronger portfolios and raise their ROI. 

Morales supports a people-first approach to marketing. She’s an active content creator focused on marketing growing, leading happier teams, and breaking down silos that inhibit growth. 

As an immigrant to the US, Morales uses her personal story to illustrate and reinforce her message. She draws on her mindset as a global citizen to solve challenging problems and understand the people she works alongside. Her experiences in a variety of cultures and business settings have helped her to cultivate empathy, which she integrates into her work as a RevOps leader.  

5. Adam Ballai

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Adam Ballai is the CEO and Co-Founder of RevOps.io, an organization that focuses on utilizing automation so that businesses are freed up for accelerated growth. 

The RevOps.io platform is geared to improving customer relationships alongside revenue growth. Its aim is to help businesses spend more time and effort engaging with their customers in meaningful ways. 

Ballai developed the idea for RevOps.io during his time as a software engineer for Twilio, where he built and scaled their Billing Platform to an annual run rate of more than $1 billion. He also built an operating platform that allowed the company’s software solutions and departments to run seamlessly alongside one another, ultimately automating many of those processes. 

6. Mark Lerner 

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Mark Lerner is Head of Marketing at RevOps.io.

Lerner also writes and curates the RevOps Daily Newsletter, which features top RevOps content delivered to subscribers’ inboxes every day. The newsletter includes interviews with industry experts and news from around the industry at large. 

The company focuses on automating and streamlining sales agreements and closing processes. 

RevOps.io offers quote templates, workflows for the approval process, and price constructs to help teams throughout the sales process, from start to finish. The solution focuses on usage-based pricing–and teaching companies to leverage that pricing model. RevOps’ website features a robust blog with free, value-adding resources for professionals looking to grow revenue within their companies.

7. Rosalyn Santa Elena

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Rosalyn Santa Elena is the Vice President of Global Revenue Operations at Neo4j and the host of The Revenue Engine Podcast

She’s also the founder of the #OpsTherapy group, a safe space where Ops professionals can connect and share their experiences. 

She primarily shares content via her podcast, which features advice based on her personal experiences, but she has great content all over. She was recently featured as a webinar panelist for Sale Hacker’s How to Build Continual Improvement Into Your Sales Process, which is definitely worth a read.

8. Asia Corbett 


Asia Corbett, Head of Revenue and Community Operations at RevGenius, is an active leader in the RevOps community. She drives discussion and open dialogue among professionals, offering up different perspectives on RevOps challenges (such as leveraging project management skills to develop RevOps functions). 

RevGenius is a community of over 17,000 RevOps professionals who share tips and best practices, connect for mentorships, participate in discussions and curated events, glean knowledge and insights, and establish professional relationships with colleagues. In addition to an online magazine, the community features an exclusive Slack channel for members, special events, message board, and partnership opportunities. Job seekers can also find an active RevOps jobs board. 

9. Dwamian McIeish 

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Dwamian McIeish, Founder and CEO at Junction, is passionate about leveraging technology tools to keep teams synced up and working well together. McIeish believes that courage, trust, and empathy are all needed in tandem in order to set the modern marketplace apart.  

Junction is a data engine for RevOps that helps professionals streamline important customer data across the customer experience, marketing, and sales processes. McIeish developed the tool to help RevOps professionals track important revenue metrics, generate their own reports, and coordinate data across their systems for higher transparency and easier access. 

10. Hang Black

Hang Black, Vice President of Revenue Enablement at Juniper Networks, is a RevOps generalist with a broad-ranging expertise. She has been a leader in a variety of tech companies, from small to large, and brings three decades of professional experience to the table. Black strives to bring a broad range of perspectives from her varied career experiences, some of which include, sales, engineering, product management, and marketing. As a Vietnamese immigrant, she uses her life experience to share valuable insights.

Black champions diversity, compassion, empathy, and courage through her cross-platform content. She is also the author of Embrace Your Edge: Pave Your Own Path as an Immigrant Woman in the Workplace. In addition to RevOps, she shares insights into leadership, women in tech and sales, diversity, leadership, and sales enablement. 

11. Ben Stroup

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Ben Stroup, President at Velocity Strategy Solutions, is a leader in RevOps and SalesOps. At Velocity, he specializes in growth architecture for businesses that need support in management consulting and strategy. Stroup is the author of Master the Pivot, and he publishes insightful content, tips, strategies, and RevOps resources on his blog, Velocity Strategy Solutions. Additionally, he’s the host of The Velocity Factor Podcast, which offers incredible insights for leaders who are wanting to grow their organizations.

12. Brandon Redlinger

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Brandon Redlinger is co-host of the RevOps Podcast and Senior Director Product Marketing at ringDNA

ringDNA specializes in high performance revenue growth for sales teams, and boasts customers such as Amazon Web Services, Amazon Business, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and more. The company features a number of resources for RevOps professionals, including an insightful blog, webinars, eBooks, and more. 

13. Rowan Tonkin

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Rowan Tonkin is the Chief Marketing Officer of Planful, which is a financial planning tool. 

He draws on his experience in both sales and marketing to help organizations create growth strategies from their operations. In addition to RevOps, Tonkin is a finance advocate. He hosts the Being Planful podcast, which is geared toward forward-thinking CFOs. It’s a side of RevOps that not many other leaders dive into, which makes his podcast an outstanding one to follow.  

Final Thoughts

CEOs, marketing leaders, heads of sales departments, and anyone else who wants to help their company grow quickly should be paying attention to the RevOps field. 

Each of these 13 RevOps leaders are extraordinary experts with their own experiences that give them each a unique perspective. We strongly recommend following them each, but at the very least consider following a few on social media or subscribe to some podcasts— there’s always something excellent to learn.

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