February 28, 2022

Account-Based Scoring

One of the challenges for any sales team is to get the contact of the people that make purchase decisions for the company they’re targeting.

Lead scoring helps you with that: firmographic data allows you to score the decision-makers, helping you prioritize and focus on the most likely to close, and behavioral data helps you to identify how engaged a lead is, so you can reach out when the time is right.

But sometimes, this is not enough:

  • More and more executives are involved in making a purchase decision (as an example, CFOs are increasingly involved in negotiating a deal)
  • Operators may not be decision-makers, but they still have a key role in pitching your product to the C-suite and closing the deal.

This is where Breadcrumbs’ Account-Based Scoring comes in to assist you in analyzing how contacts from the same company behave on your online properties, both individually and in aggregate.

With this new feature, you’ll be able to see two key scores:

  • Individual lead score: each contact still has a fit and activity score. The fit score is calculated based on the contact’s profile information, such as job title, company size, and industry. The activity score is based on recent engagement with your campaigns and website visits.
  • Company level score: at the account level, Breadcrumbs weighs the importance of each activity based on your fit categories configuration across all contacts from the same company and outputs a score out of 100%.

You can set up account-based scoring in the final step of scoring model creation in Breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs Account-Based Scoring Setup

Here you can choose the score weight at the company level and choose to route the information back to your MAP or CRM.

At the account level, your score is based on the weighted scores of all the contacts from that company.

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