July 29, 2022

HubSpot Custom Events, Top Contacts, and Top Accounts Widget

Welcome back to our July changelog! This month, we are excited to announce the release of new features to support HubSpot custom events and improved Top Contacts and Top Accounts widgets in the Analytics dashboard.

These updates are tailored to give you more control over your data, enabling you to make informed decisions with enhanced access to Explore’s powerful analytics tools.

Here’s what we released in July:

Product update
  • HubSpot custom events: you can now view your HubSpot contacts properties in Breadcrumbs as a set of events. This means you can view the history of your contacts’ recent activities and sessions to analyze their behaviors on your online properties further. This feature is available when browsing your contacts and companies in Explore.
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  • Improved Top Contacts and Top Accounts widgets: these two widgets allow you to quickly identify who are the top contacts and top accounts in your scoring models. We refactored the widget and added the ability to filter your top contacts and accounts by scoring models.
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