March 31, 2022

Best Fit and Activity Category Widget, New Nav Menu

Welcome to the Breadcrumbs changelog for March 2022! This month, we rolled out a new lateral navigation menu and widget on the analytics page to help you get the most out of your lead scoring model, plus some fixes and improvements, including redesigning the activity category builder.

Check out the full list of changes below!

Product update
  • Best Fit and Activity category widget: The widget lets you quickly identify your scoring model’s best fit and activity categories, helping you make decisions based on customer traits and behavior insights.
  • New navigation menu: we completely redesigned the navigation menu. You can now easily access each section while browsing our app.
  • Enhanced search capabilities. Textual and deep search when browsing contacts.
  • Redesigned activity category builder. Using the new category builder, you can quickly and easily create and edit activity categories. The redesigned interface streamlines the entire process and allows you to customize your categories.
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