September 30, 2022

New HubSpot activities & Explore Improvements

After a relaxing summer holiday season, we’re back to business! Here’s some sweet releases for the month of September 2022:

New HubSpot Events

When creating your activity scoring model in Breadcrumbs, you can now choose even more HubSpot events, such as:

  • Ads Click for Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Sales Email actions such as open, click, and reply

New HubSpot Properties

When enriching an individual category in your activity scoring model, you can now choose additional HubSpot properties, such as:

  • Email Name when you selected Marketing Email related events, such as sent, open, click, and reply
  • Extra details on Traffic Source when you selected a Page Visit event
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Fit and Activity Names in Explore

When browsing your lists in Explore or analyzing a specific contact or company, you can now view and customize each scoring rating.

An example? When your contact is an A, you now have the option to rename it as “Excellent” or 🥇 and when your contact is a 1, you can rename it as “Super Engaged” or even 🔝.

You can find this option in Explore in:

  • a contact or account scoring description
  • the Explore main list, with or without filters applied, and when selecting a segment
  • a contact or account property widget

See you next month with more releases to enhance your lead scoring activities! As always, please reach out if you have any questions or feedback! Looking forward to staying connected! 🤗