June 30, 2022

Get to Know Your Contacts Better with Breadcrumbs Explore

Knowing who your best contacts are and what actions drive conversions is fundamental to your success.

Why settle for basic contact and account insights when you can use Breadcrumbs Explore to unlock a data-backed superpower that helps you make better decisions in real-time across your entire tech stack? 

Our brand-new exploration tool lets you view, filter, segment, and sort contacts according to attributes across all your connected data sources so that the latest insights constantly inform your analytics process.

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View trends for all your contacts or deep dive into one individual contact’s activities to pinpoint the actions that surface intent.

You can easily see and understand the relationships between clicks, conversions, contacts, and campaigns. Breadcrumbs Explore helps you identify which actions are driving the most conversions for each contact in order to personalize their experience with automated targeted emails, messages, or content.

Breadcrumbs Explore: Individual Contact View

Use Breadcrumbs Explore to analyze historical trends and inform changes in your GTM strategy. Quickly and easily identify which contacts are most engaged, and allocate resources more effectively across campaigns.

You can even compare scoring outputs side-by-side and get a snapshot of trends quickly so that you can make decisions that you can trust.

Breadcrumbs Explore is available for all plans, get started for free today or log in to your account!