June 30, 2023

Fit for Reveal now Available for Accounts and Secondary Sources

This month, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest feature, Fit for Reveal for accounts and secondary sources, and some improvements we’ve recently made to streamline and enhance your experience with our scoring model creation process to make it even more intuitive and user-friendly.

Let’s get started!

Product update

Fit for Reveal for accounts and secondary sources is a huge improvement in what Reveal can do for you in terms of data analysis, in particular when using Copilot to create your scoring models.

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When we first released Reveal (and soon after Events for Reveal), we aimed to give you a throughout analysis of your primary source data (i.e., HubSpot or Salesforce) to create a data-driven ICP to help you inform your scoring model and your overall go-to-market.

The next logical step was to build Copilot. This solid and intuitive automated scoring model builder surfaces the results of the Reveal analyses (for both Fit and Events) to you in an easily actionable way to create a high-performing scoring model in just a few clicks.

Screenshot Of Breadcrumbs Copilot

However, after getting feedback from our customers, we quickly realized that there were still gaps in the data to help you identify key trends and behaviors.

To address this need, we release Fit For Reveal for accounts and secondary sources, giving you more granular insights into your contacts and accounts and helping you better understand their overall needs.

Fit For Reveal For Accounts And Secondary Sources

You can gain deeper insights into your contacts, engagement levels, and customer behavior by leveraging the power of a Reveal analysis into accounts and secondary sources.

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We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, fine-tuning our system, and we’re delighted to unveil two improvements that will enhance your experience with scoring model creation.

  • Firstly, we’ve refined how you can view your Fit categories’ rules. We now sort the matching rules by weight in descending order. This means that when you view the rules of your Fit categories, the first rule you see will be the one carrying the most weight, followed by rules with lesser weight. This new, orderly arrangement allows for a more coherent and logical view of the rules of your Fit categories, making it easier for you to understand and manage them. It’s all about giving you clearer insights and more control over your scoring model.
  • Secondly, we’ve introduced a drag & drop feature for matching values while creating your Fit categories and when defining matching values against event properties on your Activity categories. This user-friendly functionality means no more tedious manual entry or re-entry of matching values. Now, you can grab a matching value and place it exactly where you want it in another field. Whether you’re refining an existing category or creating a new one from scratch, this feature allows for a more efficient, flexible, and enjoyable process.

We’re committed to continually enhancing our platform to ensure it serves you in the best possible way. So go ahead, dive in, explore these new features, and see how they can make your scoring model creation process smoother and more productive.

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As always, we’re here to support you every step of the way. See you next month!