Introducing Reveal For Data-Driven Ideal Customer Profiles

Today we’re happy to announce Breadcrumbs Reveal, a free tool for B2B go-to-market teams!

Reveal ingests and analyzes data from HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, and more to unearth insights around:

  1. data collection health,
  2. what data can be trusted, and
  3. what attributes are the best predictors of your ideal customer profile and revenue.

Before we reveal more, it’s important to reiterate what an ideal customer profile is and why it is mission-critical in today’s hypercompetitive environment. 

ICP: The foundation for growth

An ideal customer profile (ICP) is a template of demographic and firmographic characteristics relating to companies that benefit the most from your product or service. Companies that fit your ICP are most likely to buy and continue to use your product—making them the foundation for acquiring new paying customers and growing revenue. 

In today’s hypercompetitive environment, your product or service may compete with dozens to hundreds of alternatives, creating a lot of marketing noise and hyperinflating customer acquisition costs. Yet, businesses still blindly spend billions of dollars every year chasing the wrong ICP. 

Introducing Reveal For Data-Driven Ideal Customer Profiles: Screenshot Of The Martech Landscape
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Most B2B professionals are familiar with the Martech landscape illustration above, which is now virtually unrecognizable unless printed on a billboard. This list has grown from 150 in 2011 to over 8,000 in 2020, and the growth doesn’t stop there. 

Competition across all industries is growing at an accelerated pace. Those that win in the long run will win because they understand their ICP and do a better, more efficient job at marketing and selling their products to businesses that are the most likely to buy vs. wasting time and money chasing vanity metrics or shiny objects.

Turning data into ICP dollars

As illustrated in the Martech illustration above, there are plenty of marketing technology tools in the market, but adding more tools doesn’t translate into better marketing strategies. 

Most businesses are sitting on a wealth of data in their existing tech stack that’s often overlooked because unearthing the insights requires either a data science team or tons of manual analysis using complicated pivot tables. Well, now you can just pipe your data into Breadcrumbs and let Reveal be your data scientist sidekick…

Reveal’s no-code connectors ingest marketing, sales, product, and customer experience data from your existing tech stack: 

Screenshot Of Breadcrumbs Reveal: Connect Main Data Source To Create Data-Driven Ideal Customer Profiles

You can define the lists of contacts you want to run an analysis against. This is typically your master lead list against your main objective list (i.e., all paying customers or paying customers on a specific plan):

Screenshot Of Breadcrumbs Reveal: Connect Your Data To Create Data-Driven Ideal Customer Profiles

Once configured, our algorithms will get to work to reveal insights regarding data health and value:

Screenshot Of Breadcrumbs Reveal: Create Data-Driven Ideal Customer Profiles
Create your free Breadcrumbs Reveal account

These insights alone are not a silver bullet, but they are a key building block to understanding good data vs. bad data and which data you can rely on to create, validate, and improve your ideal customer profiles.  

Lift scores are calculated based on the statistical significance that specific properties are most likely to predict customers. You can drill down into a detailed view of values for any given property to see which values are positively vs. negatively correlated to success. 

You can also identify data collection and enrichment gaps that can be improved to guide your ICP and sellers. For example, if you unearth that Company Employee Count is a predictor of success, but you only have the data enriched for a small percentage of leads, you can prioritize integrating with a third-party enrichment provider such as Clearbit to improve fill rates.

Reveal will catch and analyze new data as it is introduced from your connected tools. We’ll apply machine learning that gets smarter over time as new leads are created, data is enriched, or customers are converted. 

When marketing and sales are aligned on your ideal customer profile, they are able to focus their energy on campaigns and conversations that are most likely to generate revenue.

Get started today with a free Breadcrumbs Reveal account. 

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