June 16, 2021

New Normal: Overcoming Challenges in the Remote Workplace With Esti Zimmerman

In this episode of The Revenue Cafe, Breadcrumbs co-founder, and Chief Product Officer Gary Amaral, and Breadcrumbs Director of Sales Joe Aicher, are joined by Esti Zimmerman, Sales Operations Manager at Akkadian Labs, for a chat about sales, go-to-market strategies, and how the impact of COVID-19 forced us to adapt and overcome business challenges

Esti Zimmerman is Sales Operations Manager at Akkadian Labs – a homegrown company founded in 2013 that creates software that streamlines companies’ adoption and integration of the Cisco Unified Communications Collaboration as well as other unified communications environments. 

Esti Zimmerman – Sales Operations Manager at Akkadian Labs

Key Takeaways

  1. Adapting your tactics doesn’t need to be stressful – targeted pivots that resonate with your clients make major impacts with minimal changes. 
  2. Communication and documentation of data help maximize efficiency. Sales and marketing shine brightest when they’re all in sync. 
  3. Data is King. Good, clean data is crucial to making informed decisions throughout the customer journey. Aligning your team on being data-driven is vital for the success of your initiatives. 

Some topics we discussed include:

  • Challenges of pivoting into remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • How to onboard an entire sales team remotely.
  • How to improve communication and efficiently track results and trends between sales reps and their clients with a standardized CRM process.
  • How to analyze your space to adapt and improve by pivoting your current tactics and strategies in an ever-changing environment.
  • How Breadcrumbs began operations as the pandemic struck and what the company learned in the process.
  • The importance of continuing to standardize the CRM process, have clean data, and how to get sales reps to follow the process.
  • What is a gifted generalist-type role, how to get your priorities right, and how to partner and align with other Ops roles.
  • How to evaluate and handle your current tech stack under the lens of purposeful technology.
  • 2021 trends and predictions: why you should prioritize migration to the cloud and upcoming innovation. 
  • How companies are shifting talent-hiring and office set up in a work-from-home environment.
  • Tips for social gatherings with your team in a remote environment (one word: charades!)
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