Scoring & Cold Emails

Use cold emails to boost your lead scoring strategy

What if your cold email strategy could boost your lead scoring… and vice versa? Integrate your cold email data into Breadcrumbs today to identify, engage, and focus on your most promising (and active) leads.

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Optimize your outreach efforts and generate more qualified leads in 3 steps

1. Automatically create your lead scoring model

Create a lead scoring model with Breadcrumbs Copilot based on the info you have on your ICP (i.e., industry and job title) and engagement (i.e., cold email data.) In parallel, craft a cold email campaign tailored to different lead segments.

2. Relax and let Breadcrumbs work for you

Based on your scoring model settings, Breadcrumbs keeps track of how each lead interacts with your cold emails and adjusts their lead score based on these interactions. For example, a lead who opens an email and clicks a link may have their score increased.

3. Get your curated list of high-scored leads

Breadcrumbs will route back the information to your CRM, and you can set up automation and determine follow-up actions. Higher-scored leads might receive a phone call or personalized email, while lower-scored leads may get another round of cold emails.

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Boost your lead scoring models with email data 

Incorporate data from your cold email campaigns into your lead scoring strategy, and get deeper insights into your prospective customers’ behavior and interests. Continuously refine your scoring models based on real-time interactions, and identify the most promising leads more accurately. 

When combining cold email data with Breadcrumbs lead scoring, you can:

  • Qualify your leads through response
  • Score your contacts based on their actual behavior
  • Personalize and segment your next campaigns based on scores
  • Choose how to follow up depending on each score

Life before Breadcrumbs was, I think you could call it the Dark Ages. We started with an SLA of two days to a week sometimes. And we’re getting within the 10 to 5-minute mark. So that’s so exciting for us.

Christie Horsman, VP of Marketing, Thinkific

Get started quickly and fine-tune scoring logic

Start your scoring with ease by taking advantage of our intuitive ML-driven model creation process. You can customize and fine-tune the scoring logic from there to best suit your unique needs based on fit criteria, activity, recency, frequency, and weightings. With Breadcrumbs, your scoring model will be up and running in no time!

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Unlock the true power of your customer data for FREE!

Discover the power of using your email data for lead scoring in popular platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, and more! You can gain valuable and actionable insights into your best prospect with just a few clicks.

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Power up your lead scoring with cold email data


Data-driven insight
Dive deep into your cold email campaigns to uncover valuable data.


Activity scoring
Leverage your email data to score your leads accurately.


Segment your leads and personalize your follow-ups for maximum impact.


Make Critical Business Decisions
Leverage ML to drive success and take your business to the next level!

Use Breadcrumbs and cold email data to

Unearth hidden insights that indicate purchase intent

Emails are a goldmine of data waiting to be explored. You can gain valuable insights into your prospective customers’ behavior and intent by collecting and analyzing information from your cold email campaigns, such as open rates, click-through rates, and responses. 

This data not only gives you a window into how your leads interact with your emails but also helps you understand what piques their interest. By leveraging these insights, you can create lead scoring models that accurately reflect each prospect’s likelihood of converting.

Use Breadcrumbs and cold email data to

Elevate your lead scoring with email interactions

The insights gained from your cold email data analysis play a crucial role in your lead scoring strategy. By assigning higher scores to leads who engage more with your emails, you’re effectively identifying those with a stronger interest in your product or service. 

This method not only helps you prioritize your leads but also ensures your efforts are focused on the most promising prospects, boosting your overall conversion rate.

Use Breadcrumbs and cold email data to

Segment and personalize your lead scoring (and cold emails)

By grouping your leads based on their scores, you can respond with the right message (and medium) at the right time. High-scoring leads may warrant a direct sales approach while lower-scoring leads might benefit from further nurturing. 

Personalized follow-up actions based on these segments ensure that your communication is relevant and appealing to each lead at every stage of the customer journey.

This approach not only enhances engagement but also fosters a deeper connection with your prospects, driving them further down the sales funnel.

Use Breadcrumbs and cold email data to

Automatically optimize and refine your scoring models (and email campaigns)

Lead scoring is not one-and-done. Staying static is not an option, as you’d miss out on revenue, big time.

Regularly revisiting your lead scoring model and making necessary adjustments based on new data and feedback is crucial. This ongoing refinement process ensures that your lead scoring strategy stays accurate and effective over time. 

By keeping your finger on the pulse of your leads’ behavior, you can continuously improve your lead scoring model, ensuring it remains a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using cold email data for lead scoring allows you to prioritize your leads based on their engagement with your emails. This approach helps you focus your efforts on leads showing a higher interest in your products or services, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

You can assign higher scores to leads who engage more with your emails. This could mean they open your emails frequently, click on links within your emails, or respond to your emails.

Sophisticated lead scoring systems, like Breadcrumbs, allow you to create scoring models based on the information you have about your leads, such as demographic traits and activities suce as email interactions (i.e., open rates, click-through rates, and responses) from your cold email campaigns.

Segmentation and personalization allow you to tailor your follow-up actions based on a lead’s score. High-scoring leads may warrant a direct sales approach, while lower-scoring leads might benefit from further nurturing.

High-scoring leads, who show more engagement with your emails, may be ready for a direct sales approach. On the other hand, lower-scoring leads might need more nurturing and education about your product or service.

Have a look at our in-depth acquisition lead scoring guide to learn more about what to do after your leads are scored.

Regularly revisiting your lead scoring model and making necessary adjustments based on new data and feedback ensures that your lead scoring remains accurate and effective over time.

There’s no set rule for how often you should revisit your model. It largely depends on the dynamics of your market and the feedback you receive. However, it’s generally a good practice to review your model at least quarterly.

Learn more about measuring the results of your lead scoring models.

Lead scoring is a crucial element of a successful sales strategy, especially when dealing with cold email data. Breadcrumbs, a sophisticated lead scoring tool, streamlines this process by integrating cold email data into the lead scoring model. It scores leads based on both fit – demographic and firmographic data that matches a company’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) – and engagement levels, including opens, clicks, and response rates from your emails.

With Breadcrumbs lead scoring, you can use interactions with your cold emails as an additional factor in determining the quality of a lead. Higher scores may indicate a warmer lead that is more likely to convert, while lower-scored leads may receive another round of targeted cold emails to continue nurturing them.

Breadcrumbs continuously tracks engagement levels over time, adjusting scores in real-time to reflect active interest. It integrates smoothly with popular CRMs and MAPs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and product analytics tools, eliminating manual data input and saving resources. 

With Breadcrumbs, you can identify and target high-quality leads for conversion more effectively–grab your free account today.

Great question! That’s super easy; just create your free Breadcrumbs account and:

  1. Connect your data. Connect your lead and customer data with no-code connectors to popular tools like HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, Mixpanel, Intercom, and more.
  2. Run a Reveal analysis. Let us know what segment of contacts we should use to define success. i.e., all paying customers or paying customers on specific plans.
  3. Get data-driven suggestions. Copilot by Breadcrumbs leverages the same always-on ML analysis of Reveal to build your data-driven scoring model, suggesting a list of high-impact attributes and actions.

After that, you can edit and activate your scoring model in just a few clicks.

Breadcrumbs is free, and no credit card is required to get started. Once your data-driven scoring model is ready, the next logical step is to activate it and route the information back to your CRM or MAP using Breadcrumbs’ flagship product.

Creating your model and running it in test mode is always free, but if you want to take full advantage of our lead scoring platform, our PRO plan starts as low as $400 a month. However, we never let price stand in the way of helping companies get on the path to Revenue Acceleration. Let’s have a chat and see how we can help you hit your Revenue Goals.