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The Ultimate Powerhouse for Cold Email Lead Generation

Deliverability Suite

Get in their inbox

Email is the backbone of highly effective sales campaigns. With Cadence by Breadcrumbs, we ensure your messages land in the inbox using our advanced email rotation technology.

Connect multiple email accounts

Increase your email targeting by including multiple recipients, and improve the chances of getting responses.

Randomized sending times

Implementing randomized sending times involves distributing emails at different intervals instead of all at once, effectively enhancing the likelihood of recipients reading and engaging with them.

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Cold Email Automation

Learn fast and convert more

Maximize your conversion rates with Cadence by Breadcrumbs’ advanced A/B testing capabilities. Effortlessly experiment with multiple versions to identify the most effective templates.

Results at your fingertips

Enhance your outreach and elevate decision-making with advanced analysis and seamless sharing of recipient analytics, open rates, and replies—all conveniently accessible through the user-friendly dashboard.

Collaborate across all of your accounts

Simplify sequence management by accessing multiple accounts and users across your organization with intuitive navigation and time-saving features.

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Unlimited workspaces

Managing different accounts? Cadence features an unlimited number of workspaces to ensure your email sequences are kept separate from other parts of your business.

Team collaboration

Streamline your workflow with a comprehensive overview across every part of your organization.

Role-based permissions

Efficiently manage and collaborate with your team, external clients, and contractors by assigning roles, statuses, and permissions within your organization.

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Unified Inbox

Connect all your inboxes in one place

Unified Inbox allows you to conveniently access all of your emails in a central hub, streamlining your work and enabling you to recover essential messages effortlessly. Efficiently manage your lead-generation initiatives and stay ahead of the game.

Get more done in less time

Boost productivity by streamlining email management across multiple accounts, reducing the time and effort needed.

Find important conversations quickly

Unified Inbox efficiently organizes your emails, enabling you to easily retrieve the ones that pique your interest—experience streamlined email management at your fingertips.

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Pick Your Perfect Plan

Free plan

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  • Email 250 contacts monthly
  • Verify 10 email emails monthly
  • Unlimited inboxes
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Unlimited contacts storage

Basic plan

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  • Email 3,000 contacts monthly
  • Verify 3,000 emails monthly
  • Unlimited inboxes
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Unlimited contacts storage

Standard plan

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  • Email 10,000 contacts monthly
  • Verify 6,000 emails monthly
  • Unlimited inboxes
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Unlimited contacts storage

Plus plan

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  • Email 20,000 contacts monthly
  • Verify 10,000 emails monthly
  • Unlimited inboxes
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Unlimited contacts storage

All plans include every feature

Free, Basic, Standard, and Plus pricing plans all include the following features:

Advanced features
  • Email automation
  • Unlimited auto follow-up emails
  • A/B split tests for emails and campaigns
  • Smart inbox utilization tracking
  • Auto inbox rotation per campaign
  • Smart inbox autoconnect and retries
  • Inbox health and connection alerts
  • Full spintax support
  • Email disconnect reminders
  • Email templates
  • Blacklist contacts
  • Custom tags and workflows
  • Built in email verification
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited team members
  • Invite external users
  • Custom workspace panel
  • Sequence personalization through custom variables
  • Custom tracking domains
  • Unlimited contacts storage
Email Reporting
  • Full campaign and sequence stats
  • A/B split testing stats per campaign step
  • Outbox delivery schedule at a glance
Email connections
  • Connect unlimited sending accounts
  • All major email providers supported
  • Bring your own custom email provider (SMTP + IMAP)
  • Receive smart alerts about your inbox health
Email warmup
  • Completely isolated servers for maximum warmup
  • Real human + AI interactions
  • Our own network of reputable domains and inboxes
  • Multiple email providers supported

Level Up Your Outreach Game with Cadence by Breadcrumbs!

Breadcrumbs Cadence Screenshot

Seamlessly connect with your audience with automated email sequences.

Streamline your email sequences effortlessly with Cadence by Breadcrumbs. Unlock the power of email software tools and features to gain invaluable insights and maximize productivity.

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AI-powered email writing

Effortlessly generate emails with the help of our AI-backed assistant. By simply providing the necessary context, our system will draft the email you need. Experience the convenience of seamless email composition without compromising on quality.

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Breadcrumbs Cadence Screenshot
Breadcrumbs Cadence Screenshot

Elevate your email deliverability.

Ensure that your emails are successfully delivered to the recipient’s inbox and not ending up in the spam or junk folder.

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Get rid of inbox chaos with the unified inbox.

Now you can be the superhero of communication, effortlessly managing multiple channels like social media, emails, and more with Cadence by Breadcrumbs.

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Breadcrumbs Cadence Screenshot
Breadcrumbs Cadence Screenshot

Power up your email campaign with the email validator tool.

Enhance the deliverability of your emails and prevent invalid addresses from entering your email list with the Email Validator.

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Write better versions of your emails using {Spintax}

Easily craft a multitude of sentence and word options, enabling you to create personalized content for numerous recipients.

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Breadcrumbs Cadence Screenshot
Breadcrumbs Cadence Screenshot

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time inbox rotation.

Mitigate email delivery issues by utilizing real-time inbox rotation to reduce the chances of emails being flagged as spam and maximize engagement rates.

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