April 28, 2023

Multiple Events Per Activity Category

We are excited to share that this month, we launched a new feature in Breadcrumbs that enables you to add multiple events within a single activity category.

This feature provides more flexibility and control over your scoring model’s activity categories. With this new feature, you can easily create scoring models with all events that are successful in driving user engagement and create laser-focused scoring models.

When you add an activity category to your scoring model, you can now include several related events to make up that category. Having this capability removes the work of adding individual activity categories that are similar. Instead, they can be bucketed under one group.

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If you create an activity category for “Ad Clicked”, you can choose events such as LinkedIn Ad Click, Google Ad Click, and/or Facebook Ad Click to make up this category score.

For this functionality, you can use the “OR” logic to expand your results.

For Example:

Activity Category–Ad Clicked

LinkedIn Ad Click OR Google Ad Click OR Facebook Ad Click

Multiple Events Per Activity Category
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