August 11, 2021

Getting Personal: How to Increase Revenue by Personalizing Inbound Content with Goran Kovacevic

In this episode of the Revenue Café, Breadcrumbs co-founder, and Chief Product Officer Gary Amaral and Director of Sales Joe Aicher are joined by Goran Kovacevic, The Director of Business Development at Infinum for a chat about how to increase revenue through personalizing content, ‘secret sauce’ growth tactics, and determining your unique value proposition.

Goran leads the Business Development team that he helped build with diverse skill sets and roles, allocating their strengths properly for the best results. 

Infinum is an independent design and development agency specializing in mobile and web development that has been creating beautiful software for 16 years. They support clients that are large brands, banks, insurance companies, media publishers, mobile carriers, and other companies with the need for professionally designed and developed mobile apps.

Infinum offers full-service in all phases of software development – developing a creative concept, planning, graphic design, programming, testing, and publishing.

Goran Kovacevic, The Director of Business Development at Infinum

Key Takeaways

  1. You want to cut through the noise. You’ve got to figure out what kind of content can rise above the saturation in marketing. With SEI performing with lower numbers, many marketers choose to pivot their marketing content like YouTube, which is the second most valuable search engine behind Google.
  2. Always keep learning. At the start of the pandemic, Goran tells us how Infinum took an upfront approach to explore outbound marketing in preparation for the worst-case scenario. In the end, it was not right for Infinum but Goran considers it a worthwhile venture where they gained valuable networking and learning experiences. 
  3. Your value is in what you offer and how you approach each client. Infinum, for example, offers ebooks, direct calls with clients, and makes sure to engage with their clients. A lot of their business is built on the recommendations they receive from their customer base.

Some topics we discussed included

  • The growth and development of Infinum that brought it from a small start-up of 20 to 350+ on staff across multiple locations. 
  • Quality is the best referral. Goran discusses the quality and honesty of Infinum while reflecting on referral sales. 
  • The tactics used to scope a client’s product to deliver them the product they need at an affordable cost. 
  • Gary talks about recognizing trends in marketing and how Breadcrumbs is adapting to these trends through lead scoring. 
  • Gary reveals a tease about Breadcrumbs’ upcoming animated “infotainment” project that is set to release on YouTube in the near future. 
  • Goran discusses how, by building client confidence through investing in the client, you can build trust and stand out. 
  • Goran and Joe share their perspectives on inbound and outbound marketing. 
  • Goran and Gary discuss the way they propose value to their clients, in terms of what services they provide and how both companies will cater their tools for their clients. 
  • Goran tells us what he believes will make you successful and what he’s looking forward to in the future.
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