July 14, 2021

The Rise of RevOps: Doing More with Less with Mike Nauls

In this episode of the Revenue Café, Breadcrumbs co-founder and Chief Product Officer Gary Amaral and Sales Operation Manager Joe Aicher are joined by Mike Nauls, Revenue Operations Manager for Profisee (Data Management) to discuss the rise of RevOps and how SalesOps adapted to the new remote working environment.

Mike Nauls is a fresh face to the Profisee company; no stranger to Sales Ops in Marketing, Mike took on the role of Revenue Operations Manager for Profisee amidst the pandemic. He aims to transcend entire funnel operations across marketing, sales, and customer success to create repeatable, predictable, and scalable revenue engines.

Profisee is a multi-domain enterprise master data management (MDM) software that provides a cost-effective and accessible approach to identifying and handling an organization’s critical data. Profisee enables integration and interoperability across unlimited users, records, data domains, and various deployment options. 

Mike Nauls, Revenue Operations Manager for Profisee (Data Management)

Key Takeaways

  1. “You’ve got to do more with less.’ With cut budgets during the peak of the pandemic and beyond, you might find yourself “wearing more hats” or doing more work outside of the job description of the past. 
  2. RevOps is powerful when you get it right. Everyone has to be singing the same tune and aligned. Gary gave us some insight when he stated “RevOps is about finding actual operational changes across that entire customer journey that ultimately positively impact revenue.” 
  3. If you’re interested in RevOps, listen up, study it, and get involved in the community. In a relatively new field uniting the marketing, sales, and CX under one umbrella, many RevOps-ers go at it alone, reaching out to the expansive online community as an opportunity to network and learn.  

Some topics we discussed included

  • How Mike had to pivot and learn and move forward leaning into the rise of RevOps after he was let go of his previous role in the wave of layoffs in the first half of 2020. 
  • “You’ve got to do more with less” Nauls stated as he describes a lesson he picked up on with this experience. 
  • Mike and Joe discuss what RevOps means: merging teams, the structure, and function of RevOps and not duplicating efforts across your stacks.
  • Mike tells us about his sales roles and the changes he’s made with this position change, including working more with the marketing team and automation system, data vendors, and the company’s campaigns. 
  • CX Ops is another vital move forward; SaaS companies make their money mainly through upsells, renewals, and expansions; Mike tells us it has to be a priority.
  • RevOps may take time to show their value as the data accumulates but ultimately become the advisor for all company branches relying on that incremental data.
  • Mike shares some great sales ideas to move from the meeting room to the remote environments, suggesting a Virtual Deal Room.
  • VDR’s main specs include having all of the metrics laid out, is set up like a personalized microsite, evaluating who’s engaged, and developing a plan to re-engage those disengaged. 
  • “Everyone’s more available, but they’re more busy.” People are available from their homes for more hours in the day, but getting more things done so they need the access to connect with your product at the time they’re available. 
  • Having easy to track and view proposals and demos keeps the friction in this virtual environment low for buyers and sales; Mike shares with us his two big tips for getting into RevOps (Hint: Learn about Rev Ops and get involved!)
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