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Your Startup Needs a RevOps Kickstart


Your startup needs a RevOps kickstart if you want it to have the kind of success you’re imagining.

This is the Hot Takes Live delivered by Aparna Muralidharan, Head of RevOps at Flowcode. She knows this first hand, as she’s worked in some of New York’s hottest startups and has built RevOps from the ground up at Series A-C companies.

Across all industries, she noticed the three following pain points:

  • Selling is hard, painful, and isolating
  • Things are constantly changing, and fast, within startup businesses  
  • People are doing the heaviest lifting when it comes to selling, but they also might be wearing more hats

Because of this, RevOps is an essential early hire for any start-up. When you invest in operations early, you’re able to support your entire startup and your sales team more effectively. You can kickstart analytics and enablement, and you can ultimately help your team members to wear fewer hats, meaning they’ll excel at the specific roles you need them to take on. 

So what does this look like in practice?

It’s essential to develop a roadmap and stick to it. This should be based on research and your first-hand experience with your startup’s buyer’s journey. Always remember to keep these three things in mind:

  1. Interview sellers to identify pain points and create a game plan to hook them up with the right team members to build relationships.
  2. Build communication and foster transparency through clear metrics, training, and by setting achievable key performance indicators (KPIs); remember to continue training on an ongoing basis and adjusting KPIs and goals as you progress over time.
  3. Help people focus on what they do best, which is ultimately the core part of a RevOps job role.

The key takeaway here is best summed up with a quote from Samuel Beckett: “To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now.”

That idea completely encapsulates a RevOps role and highlights why it’s so crucial for a startup to consider. You’re entering a place where so many initiatives are happening, and many people are trying to accomplish different tasks all at once. Your RevOps professional can step in, combining art and science, and help you streamline the process to help you reach your vision. 

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