What is a PLG company?

PLG companies or product-led growth companies are SaaS businesses using their product to drive growth, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

What is an Aha Moment?

An ‘aha’ moment is the first time a user understands the value proposition your product offers them, usually accompanied by a sudden realization or insight.

Which is Better: Freemium or Free Trial?

A freemium model gives potential customers free access to limited features of a product, with no time restrictions. On the other hand, a free trial gives prospects a specified period of time to try the features (limited or complete) of a product.

First-Party Data vs Third-Party Data: What is the Difference?

First-party data is the data you directly obtain from your customers through Google Analytics, tracking user behavior on the website and your product, customer feedback, and the likes. Third-party data is data that comes from outside of your organization through web cookie tracking and third-party data marketplaces.

What is Product-Led Marketing?

Product-led marketing is a GTM marketing strategy, which involves a shift from traditional lead generation and MQLs to helping customers succeed with your product and ultimately help in product-led growth.

What is Product-Led Sales?

Product-led sales (PLS) is a user-centric sales model that leverages self-serve users as the primary funnel for the sales teams.

Revenuepedia Illustration Of Product-Led Growth (Plg)

What is Product-led Growth (PLG)?

Product-led Growth (PLG) is a popular SaaS business methodology where the product primarily drives a business’s success and growth. Acquisition of revenue, expansion of revenue, and retention are mainly led by delightful experiences of the product.

What is Zero-Party Data?

Zero-party data is the data that a user voluntarily and proactively shares with your brand. It gives you an idea of things like purchase intentions, personal contexts, communication preferences, and how the individual wants to be recognized by the brand.

Product-led Growth vs Sales-led Growth: What’s the Difference?

Product-led growth is a GTM strategy that leverages your product to acquire and retain your customers. In simpler terms, your product is your master card. Sales-led growth is an approach where your sales team takes on the responsibility of your business growth. Your growth potential essentially relies on them being successful.

What are the benefits of Product-led Growth?

Product-led growth is a strategy that uses the product as the primary tool for acquisition, retention, and expanding a user base. The benefits of product-led growth include faster scalability, lower cost of acquisition, higher customer retention, and access to first-party user data.

What is Product-led onboarding?

Product-led onboarding introduces users to features according to their needs and position in the customer journey. This means users are shown features that are best suited for them, rather than trying to familiarize them with everything at once.