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Stay Ahead with AI-DRIVEN Competitive Intelligence

Always-on competitive intelligence team

Unkover is your AI-driven Competitive Intelligence team delivering critical updates about your competitors the moment they happen:

  • Relevant Page Changes
  • New Funding Rounds
  • Customer reviews
  • Press mentions
  • Acquisitions & Exits
  • SEO gaps & opportunities

Track your competitors website changes

Keep tabs on your competitors key pages

Why spend all day stalking the competition when you don’t have to?

With Unkover, you’ll know instantly when your competitors tweak their messaging or shake up their pricing. No more endless scrolling through their sites or second-guessing your strategies.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you, ensuring you’re always in the loop by notifying you the moment a critical change happens on your competitor’s pages.

Sit back, relax, and keep winning—Unkover makes sure you’re not just in the game, you’re always a step ahead.

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Read your competitors emails

Get competitor insights directly from the source

Companies love updating their customers and prospects about relevant news, product updates, and special offers.

That juicy info from your competitors? It’s yours too. Unkover will automatically capture all their emails and bring them right to your doorstep—accessible to your entire team, anytime.

[COMING SOON: Our fine-tuned AI will sift through these emails, extract key information and send them over to the best team within your org. Less noise, more signal!]

There’s no use in gathering intelligence unless it’s actionable!

We hear you! Unkover’s goal is not to flood you with tons of data points that no one in your team will ever read. We gather competitive intelligence from thousands of data sources and use AI to highlight actionable information to the right team in your company.

Say goodbye to noise. We’re 100% signal.


A sneak peek into what’s coming

We’re excited to get Unkover in your hands as soon as possible and keep building the best competitive intelligence tool with your precious feedback. The roadmap for the next few months is already exciting, so take a look!

While we build and deliver, here’s our promise to you: as an early tester and customer, you’ll lock in an exclusive bargain price we’ll never offer again in the future.


Marketing Hub

Spy on your competitors’ full marketing strategy: social, ads, content marketing, email flows, and more.


Sales Hub

Track competitive Win/Loss analysis and build battle cards. Get alerted at every pricing change.


Product Hub

Get immediate alerts when competitors announce new features or major releases. Identify strengths and weaknesses from online reviews.



Get the competitive intelligence you need where you need it: Slack, eMail, MS Teams, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and more.

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Up to 5 competitors

50 pages monitored

10 email workflows

3-day data refresh


/per month

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Up to 10 competitors

100 pages monitored

20 email workflows

1-day data refresh


/per month

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Custom number of competitors

Custom number of pages monitored

Custom number of email workflows

Hourly data refresh

Custom price

HubSpot Alternatives / Breadcrumbs vs HubSpot

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The easiest and smartest scoring model manager purpose-built for operators. Use the data you have for all the objectives you need, and get hands-on expertise always at your fingertips.

If you’re looking to launch, optimize, and operationalize your scoring models in a way that maximizes sales effectiveness, then you need a platform that’s purpose-built for that. Breadcrumbs offers an advanced alternative to HubSpot’s lite scoring capabilities⁠—with seamless integration to HubSpot data and a free plan.

Breadcrumbs is the best HubSpot alternative: read on for our in-depth Breadcrumbs vs. HubSpot comparison.

Built for lead scoring models, enabling so much more.

After implementing thousands of successful scoring models across multiple industries, we created a product that is purpose-built for the task. But there’s more: Breadcrumbs makes it easy to configure, manage, and optimize scoring targeted at different ICPs, motions, products, and geographies running in parallel. 

Integrate with your favorite marketing, product, and sales tools. 

Build scoring models using data from all your sources, even if it doesn’t live in your MAP or CRM. Connect your marketing, sales, product, and customer success data to Breadcrumbs to surface the actions that predict intent and immediately route it back to your CRM.

All the scoring models you want for all the objectives you need.

Make Breadcrumbs your own data sidekick.OurML-assisted approach leverages the power of machine learning while giving you complete visibility and control over the data and the scoring models that power your business engine. 

Works with your tech stack in just a few clicks

You have a wealth of data sitting in your tech stack!
Get marketing, sales, and product data from your existing stack piped into Breadcrumbs in no time.

Breadcrumbs vs. HubSpot: which one is right for me?

With so many HubSpot alternatives out there, this is a fair question. More so because we love HubSpot, and we are customers and partners. Here’s our take on why we believe Breadcrumbs is the best HubSpot alternative for your scoring model.

HubSpot and Breadcrumbs both offer scoring capabilities with the ability to create scoring models and surface revenue opportunities.

The key difference is that the HubSpot scoring feature is an add-on to an already complex product. As with every great product with many features, it’s impossible for all to be advanced similarly. Hubspot lead scoring is the perfect example, with lite features focused exclusively on acquisition, and relying on black boxes that are hard to measure.

We built Breadcrumbs as a robust scoring model manager enabling multiple objectives (hello cross-sell, upsell, and churn reduction!) fueled by a sophisticated machine learning-assisted approach that is still empowering you to make the best decisions based on the most relevant data.

It is easy to use, allowing you to implement and test your hypotheses right away, and measure the actual performance and impact of the model across all your funnels, regardless of the data source. It is visual, and it is designed to deliver value to you right away. It is a smart system that learns over time and brings you along for the journey.

Let’s get into the specifics to help you decide which option is best for you.

Data analysis and insights

HubSpot lead scoring lite features allow you only to use data that lives in HubSpot, missing out on all the data you have that lives in all your other marketing, sales, and product tech stack.

That’s where Breadcrumbs comes in—a HubSpot alternative with a built-in data sidekick for operators specifically designed by operators to make your data analysis complete and effortless

Connect all your data via native integrations or our solid APIs, and start connecting the data dots scattered across your tech stack.

We free up your bandwidth by collecting your data from various data sources and managing all data analysis to give you actionable insights so you can focus solely on what’s essential: create, implement, measure, and enhance scoring models based on the most relevant data. 

Scoring model creation

HubSpot lead scoring can be a black box, leaving you wondering about the scoring model’s inner mechanism and afraid to touch it. 

With Breadcrumbs, black boxes are no more—with our ML-assisted approach, you have full visibility and control over the scoring models that power your business. 

Connect your data and let Reveal analyze it for you to surface key patterns in real time, then determine which attributes and actions are most important for your business. 

Breadcrumbs Reveal: Hubspot Alternatives

Finally, use Breadcrumbs’ intuitive point-and-click model builder to quickly create and manage a scoring model that meets your exact specifications–all in minutes!

For example, when creating your model, you can select multiple fields to determine the scoring logic, such as assigning 20 points if ARR > 1M or Funding > 5M. 

Customer and company search, and analysis

Why settle for basic contact and account insights when you can use Breadcrumbs Explore to unlock a data-backed superpower that helps you make better real-time decisions across your entire tech stack? 

Our exploration tool lets you view, filter, segment, and sort contacts according to attributes across all your connected data sources so that the latest insights constantly inform your analytics process. 

You can even compare scoring outputs side-by-side and get a snapshot of trends quickly to make decisions you can trust.

Breadcrumbs Explore: Hubspot Alternatives

It’s like having GPS navigation–a powerful asset to have when exploring unknown territory. No matter what analysis you need to do or what questions you have about contacts and companies in your database, filters, and segments will help you locate them quickly and effectively.

On the other hand, HubSpot lead scoring only lets you use the data that lives within HubSpot, making it difficult to analyze your contacts and companies effectively. 

One tool to rule all GTM plans

At Breadcrumbs, we believe that PLG is only one piece of the puzzle. 

That’s why we have worked hard to create a robust and multifaceted HubSpot alternative capable of enabling a variety of GTM strategies, from sales-assisted motions all the way through to PLG and PLS and everything in between. 

It all ties back to our core offering: leveraging your scoring model to maximize your business growth potential. 

Fit & Activity scoring

With fit and activity scoring, HubSpot lead scoring data still does not deliver a complete view of what makes up a contact’s score. For starters, you’ll only have access to partial data, and HubSpot gives you back one single number that doesn’t account for how much of the score is fit and how much is activity.

On the other hand, Breadcrumbs’ co-dynamic distribution helps you gain an in-depth understanding of what makes up a contact score by allowing you to view fit data (aka demographics and firmographics) and activity data (aka actions and behaviors) in an integrated way. 

Additionally, Breadcrumbs’ clear and customizable levels of differentiation help you identify why a score is high or low and quickly act on your scoring model results.

Breadcrumbs Fit And Activity Scoring: Hubspot Alternatives

Recency, Frequency & Time

Frequency and recency can seem complex words, but what they really stand for is giving your contacts the right score based on how recent their interactions with you were and how many times their interactions occurred in a given time period.

But that’s more to it; we call it time decay. 

Time plays a meaningful (yet often neglected) role in scoring, and it’s never linear. This is how time decay works in Breadcrumbs: it’s not an on-off button, but it decreases over time at a customizable rate, and your contact’s score changes accordingly

Breadcrumbs Decay Simulator: Hubspot Alternatives

Contacts visiting your page 4 days ago shouldn’t get the same score as contacts who visited your page 2 months ago. In the same way, you want to know immediately about in-product activity happening today. Immediately… not three weeks from now.

Lead scoring experiments

Experienced operators know that scoring is critical to their success, and the best-in-class among them test and compare a variety of approaches to see what works best. 

While HubSpot lead scoring only offers one scoring model at a time, Breadcrumbs lets you test multiple ideas and approaches, allowing you to compare and contrast the results using data-backed analysis. 

Breadcrumbs Compare Models: Hubspot Alternatives

You can separate assumptions from empirical evidence and get crucial data to make informed decisions, helping you better analyze your leads and customers and refine your scoring approach.

The key insight? It’s not about having a single generic model up and running… it’s about having several very specific ones targeted at different ICPs, motions, products, and geographies running in parallel. Breadcrumbs enables that. 

Pricing and plans

While you can start using lead scoring in HubSpot CRM with a free plan, some key scoring functionalities, such as custom score properties, are only available for top-tier plans.

Among HubSpot scoring alternatives, Breadcrumbs offers a free plan that doesn’t come with any time limitations, and it’s not bound to any tech stack, allowing you to road-test the product and fully validate if it’s working for your unique needs without worrying about costly contracts or trial periods. 

And when you opt for an upgrade, you only have to pay for the features and services you use–giving you all the flexibility you need when building your scoring model.

Measurement of the impact on your business

With black boxes like HubSpot lead scoring, it is borderline impossible to have visibility on whether a model is moving the needle or even just if it’s working as intended. 

Breadcrumbs is optimized to surface exactly that information. With Breadcrumbs, besides getting better conversion, you can also optimize your models to 

  • Increase the volume of your leads in the top positions, 
  • Decrease time-to-close velocity
  • Increase deal’s value over time.

That’s why we designed a fully customizable co-dynamic system: you’ll quickly and effectively be able to measure all the above metrics and adjust your scoring model accordingly to double down on what’s working.

An example? You can throttle the volume of leads passed to the sales team by adjusting the definition of “A” in your scoring model. Breadcrumbs will tell you in real time how every change will impact your volumes.

Compare Breadcrumbs vs. HubSpot Lead ScoringBreadcrumbsHubSpot
Multi-Source Scoring
Build scoring models using data from different sources, even if it doesn’t live in your marketing automation or CRM
Yes No
Predictive Insights
Let machine learning unearth what attributes are the best predictors of success based on your objective
Yes No
Fit Scoring
Scoring that uses demographic and firmographic data to determine how well a lead aligns with your Ideal Customer Profile
Yes Yes
Multi-Field Scoring Logic
Check multiple fields to determine scoring logic such as assign 20 points if ARR > 1M or Funding > 5M
Yes No
Recency & Frequency-Based Activity Scoring
Build cohorts of events and assign scoring based on frequency with time decay that’s specific to the cohort’s activities
Yes No
Scoring Descriptions
Give sellers context with a complete description of what scoring criteria was met to generate a score
Yes No
Default A/B Testing
Clone, tweak, and launch test models alongside active models and analyze test results with our handy ‘Compare’ tool.
Yes No
Model Performance Analytics
View pre-built model performance analytics which includes score distribution maps, detailed match-rate reports, and more.
Yes No

Why GTM teams choose to use Breadcrumbs for their Scoring Models

Here are more reasons operators choose Breadcrumbs as their go-to HubSpot alternative to power their scoring models.


Scoring models you can trust

Leverage the power of machine learning to surface attributes and actions that maximize sales effectiveness and make data-informed decisions over revenue-generating outcomes.


Data that finally makes sense

Use Breadcrumbs as your data sidekick: we take care of the data analysis, and you focus on making strategic and tactical decisions based on those results.


An interface you’ll love

A hassle-free model builder that guides you through creating your scoring model like never before. Get real-time insights to make scoring model creation pain a thing of the past.


Free onboarding when using HubSpot

Sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting. Our white-glove service makes integrating from HubSpot to Breadcrumbs easy, and it’s completely free on all annual plans.

Your success is our mission

Our team’s mission is to drive successful outcomes for our customers. To do so, we act as an extension of your team to improve your data strategy, build objective-based models, and ensure that scores are being used to maximize revenue growth!

Breadcrumbs Team