7 Powerful Sales Pitch Examples: From Follow-Ups, Upsells & More

Struggling to find the right words to hook your prospects? 

In this guide, we’ll look at successful sales pitch examples featuring startups across different industries. From cold emails and follow-ups to demos and upsells, you’ll find everything you need to fill your sales pipeline to the brim.

Steal These Sales Pitch Examples

Cold Sales Pitch Examples 

1. Own it Like the Pro That You Are 

HelpCrunch, an all-in-one customer communication tool, is doing an excellent job at prospecting. Note how the startup draws attention with its proven track record in its cold email.

Logan, HelpCrunch’s sales development representative, writes a cold pitch that exudes confidence
Why it Works According to Breadcrumbs

HelpCrunch’s cold sales pitch stands out because it:

- Positions itself as an expert—HelpCrunch’s bold statement on how revenue growth correlates with the speed of connecting leads with sales reps shows its expertise on the subject

- Displays the stunning results it achieved with a screenshot as visual proof

- Emphasizes the main points by bolding the key points—the easier it is to skim, the more likely it is to keep prospects engaged with the pitch

- Namedrops the companies it’s worked with as additional social proof

- Makes prospects feel valued—the sentence ”And we really need your expertise to review our product” recognizes the prospect’s authority and makes them feel like an expert

Key Takeaway for this Sales Pitch Examples #1: Strike a balance between making your prospects feel valued and positioning yourself as an invaluable solution.

2. Win Their Trust

Force by Mojio’s cold pitch is highly compelling. On top of offering a generous 60-day free trial with no contract and hidden fees, it also provides and ships hardware tools at zero charges.

Source: Force by Mojio [Force by Mojio squashes potential customer objections with its FAQs. It assures prospects on the fence that they have nothing to lose.]

Daivat Dholakia, the director of operations, shares with Breadcrumbs: 

“Since prospects know that they won’t be trapped into a contract or hidden payment, this convinces them to try our GPS fleet tracking app. It builds brand trust.”

Why it Works According to Breadcrumbs 

Force by Mojio earns prospects’ trust with its unique selling proposition (USP): 

Use it for 60 days and access hardware tools at absolutely zero cost. Want to discontinue after the trial ends? You can do it easily, no question asked. 

This irresistible USP is impossible for competitors to beat.

Key Takeaway for this Sales Pitch Examples #2: Highlight your USP in your sales pitch. It sets you apart from the sea of competitors in your industry. 

3. Poke at the Pain Points

Zille Media is a subtitle creation platform that connects broadcasters with linguists. Co-founder Edward O’Reilly uses the following sales script when pitching to potential clients:

“At Zille Media, We remove the admin from the subtitle commissioning process and improve the tools linguists use to create them.

This means that you have a complete and real-time overview of the project progress—you no longer need to wait for a project manager to update you via email. 

We believe in harmonizing the benefits of tech and human contact, which is why we’re always available via your personal chat on the platform and keeping a close eye on every project.”

Since the subtitle creation platform boasts a relatively new technology in the industry, it’s common for prospects to follow up with questions. According to Edward, challenges surrounding email appeal the most to target customers.

Similarly, Jestor hits home with prospects’ challenges in its cold email. After customizing the first paragraph for each prospect, it introduces its product and how it can help with their struggles.

Lay out the top challenges prospects face today to make them feel heard
Why it Works According to Breadcrumbs 

Both Zille Media and Jestor bring their prospects’ pain points and deepest desires front and center, proving that they understand what they’re going through.

Key Takeaway for this Sales Pitch Examples #3: It’s not enough to identify your prospects’ challenges in your sales pitch. Agitate these pain points to stir things up before positioning your product as the solution. 

Follow-Up Sales Pitch Examples

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

SP Home Run Inc.’s best-performing sales pitch revolves around urgency:

“This [Date], we’re finalizing our [Month]’s [Training, workshop, or consulting] onboarding schedule. Let me know before the weekend if you want to be on it.”

CEO Joshua Feinberg reveals that he uses the pitch only for actively engaged prospects

He explains, “The sales rep has uncovered a strong need in the exploratory process and recommended a certain course of action. However, for a multitude of reasons, the momentum of the deal becoming closed-won stalls there—until this follow-up.”

Why it Works According to Breadcrumbs 

SP Home Run Inc.’s follow-up strategy gets right-fit client deals over the finish line without discounting. 

This follow-up pitch is unlikely to work with prospects who didn’t read your first sales email, but for prospects actively involved and engaged in the buying process, it might just give them the push they need to respond.

Key Takeaway for this Sales Pitch Examples #4: Urgency compels prospects to act, whether it’s a scarcity or a limited-time offer. Leverage the fear of missing out (FOMO) in your sales pitches! It’s a powerful way to convert prospects into customers.

5. Make Your Case With a Case Study 

In the first tip, you saw how HelpCrunch instantly grabbed attention by laying out its track record. What if the startup doesn’t hear back from prospects? Here’s how it would respond.

HelpCrunch’s follow-up sales pitch reiterated the results it delivered for a big-name client, instilling the prospect’s desire
Why it Works According to Breadcrumbs 

HelpCrunch’s follow-up email checks a lot of boxes. Note how it: 

- Opens with an impressive benefit (“... improved their customer success results by 40%)

- Convinces with a testimonial featuring the CEO of an established company

- Answers the prospect’s question “How does it work?” by inserting a link to the website

- Ends with an easy and noticeable call to action

Key Takeaway for this Sales Pitch Examples #5: Case studies are a powerful sales engine. Rather than blatantly talking about the benefits of your product, let clients do the talking in the form of success stories.

Warm Sales Pitch Examples

6. Skip the Generics and Personalize it

SalesTim, a Microsoft Teams collaboration app, avoids cold selling pitches like the plague. Karina Zubova, content marketing manager at SalesTim, reveals that the startup only pitches during demo calls

“During demos, we try to understand the prospect’s needs. We also use the opportunity to present our values and mission.”

Karina Zubova, content marketing manager at SalesTim

Here are the slides SalesTim show during demos:

SalesTim begins the demo with different efficiency challenges, highlighting common challenges its prospects face

Next, the SDR continues with how the SalesTim app plays a role in the entire ecosystem.


The demo call then segues to how the app works. 

The highlight of the demo—this is the stage where SalesTim shows its collaboration app in action and personalizes the pitch according to the prospect’s needs
Why it Works According to Breadcrumbs

SalesTim treats every demo as an opportunity to dig deep into what’s going on in the prospect’s life and position its product as the only answer.

Key Takeaway for this Sales Pitch Examples #6: There’s no one-size-fits-all sales pitch. Even two prospects in the same industry will have different challenges. Before pitching, see to it that you’ve asked all the important questions so you can tweak your pitch accordingly. 

Personalization impacts sales greatly—79% of companies that slayed their revenue goals have a personalization strategy. 

Massimo Chieruzzi, Breadcrumbs’ very own co-founder and CMO, agrees and recommends pairing personalization with lead scoring to accelerate revenue:    

“The more personalized the pitch is, the better it converts. Personalization takes time, so it’s essential to have a scoring system in place. That way, you’ll focus on customers who are more likely to convert.”

Grab your free Breadcrumbs account to start scoring leads:

1. Connect your data sources (e.g., HubSpot) to Breadcrumbs’ lead scoring tool

2. Create your Fit model and set a percentage for each attribute (e.g., leads who hold C-suite titles account for 35%) 

3. Configure your Activity model and set a percentage for each online activity (e.g., an email click to a marketing email accounts for 30%)

4. Sync your lead’s Breadcrumbs score to your data source

No leads of different backgrounds should receive the same email. A sole founder of a bootstrapped startup will have different problems than an enterprise CRO. Lead scoring helps you personalize your emails according to their attributes and online activity.

Book your FREE demo with Breadcrumbs today. Start scoring leads, personalize your marketing and sales emails, and close deals 10X faster.

Cross- and Upsell Sales Pitch Examples

7. Embrace Soft-Sells

If you’re a dedicated account executive looking to upsell and cross-sell your clients, here’s a great example of a sales pitch worth trying. Use your lead scoring model to identify these clients. You’ll want to focus on loyal users.

“We’re seeing great results with [Product used by a non-competing client in a similar industry]. Are you interested to know more about it?”

Why it Works According to Breadcrumbs

Loyal customers with heavy product usage are more receptive to casual, soft-sell pitches. Pitch in a non-pushy way to intrigue with new information and reignite your sales conversations.

Key Takeaway for this Sales Pitch Examples #7: Soft-sell pitches work great on customers who often use your product. To identify them, look at their product usage, third-party intent data, and web activity from your scoring tool and uncover hidden revenue opportunities at the right time by turning up the volume on intent signals you already have.

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Steal an Idea or Two From These Sales Pitch Examples, and Get That Client!

You now have a better idea of how to hook your prospects. Let’s quickly recap what you’ve learned:

  • Identify your prospects’ pain points and agitate them before positioning your product as the solution.
  • Ask questions to dig deep into your prospects’ needs and personalize your pitch. Use lead scoring to continue personalizing your marketing and sales emails. Over time, nurturing leads to conversion.
  • Own it like the pro that you are. In your sales pitch, strike a balance between making your prospects feel valued and positioning your product as an invaluable solution.
  • Win prospects’ trust by highlighting your USP. It sets you apart from the sea of competitors in your industry.
  • Create a sense of urgency to instill FOMO to convert prospects into customers.
  • Share your best case studies. Rather than excessively talking about the benefits of your product, let clients do the talking. Make them the heroes in your company!
  • Embrace soft-sell pitches when cross- and upselling to your best customers. Entice them with the results you’ve delivered to a client in a similar industry.  

Using some of these tips, we can turn a generic demo pitch from:

“Our SEO platform helps you get found online.”

… to:

“Based on what you’ve shared, you’re concerned about competitors overtaking your top spot on the SERPs [Identify pain point]. That’s understandable, as top-ranking posts attract the majority of the clicks [Agitate]. This is where our SEO platform may help. Our backlinks feature identifies the websites that link to your competitors and helps you replicate their success [Position]. Our client, Big-Name Startup, has been using it for a few weeks and has increased its number of backlinks by 76% [Case study]. We’re currently offering a limited-time offer for the first 100 customers [Urgency]. Are you interested in signing up? [Call-to-action].

This pitch may be longer than you’re used to, but compare it to the generic version, and you’ll see that it’s so personalized to the core. 

Remember, 79% of companies saw their revenue grow after documenting a personalization strategy. Get on board and do the same for your sales pitches.

It’ll fill up your pipeline to the brim.

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