3 Excellent Aha Moment Examples to Learn From Today

The aha moment is the most elusive part of the onboarding flow. 

Failure to find it and you’ll end up with a leaky adoption funnel and churning customers. 

This guide shares three excellent aha moment examples and how you can increase your trial-to-paid conversion rate—after users adopted your product within their tech stack.

What is an Aha Moment?

An aha moment, also known as an activation event, is when users first experience the value of your product. This crucial moment usually happens in product-led onboarding, either in a free trial or freemium plan. 

The aha moment plays a significant role in getting users to come back for more. When users have bought into your product and adopted it within their existing tech stack, there’s a higher chance of converting them to paying customers.

Of course, product experience is only one piece of the trial-to-paid conversion puzzle. There also needs to be fit and buying intent

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  3. Determine what makes a sales-qualified lead in the Activity model (e.g., + 15 points if uses product every day, +10 points if visits pricing page 3 times within the past week)
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  5. Set the scoring model live 

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[Data via Breadcrumbs] Connect your entire customer data in one place

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3 Aha Moment Examples

Figuring out your product’s aha moment involves digging into product analytics and participating in in-depth conversations with ideal customers. Read on to learn how three startups identified their activation events successfully.

1. Sendlane

Source: Sendlane

What it is: email and SMS marketing automation platform for eCommerce businesses

Aha moment: sending email campaigns and SMS text messages under one roof

How this aha moment example was discovered:

Sendlane CEO and co-founder Jimmy Kim discovered his product’s aha moment after speaking to his customers and prospects.

“We realized the problem we’re solving is much bigger,” Kim shares with Breadcrumbs.

“People wanted to save time and earn more money in their eCommerce stores without overspending on toolsets.”

Automation can solve this easily, but unification is the real challenge.

Customers wanted email and SMS marketing services in one platform, preferably one without a learning curve and massive budget. 

The second point rings true in today’s software buying experience, especially since 50% of SMB respondents said that they will disqualify a service provider if pricing does not meet their expectations.

For Sendlane, what used to be an email marketing platform has now grown into a comprehensive eCommerce marketing automation suite with tightly integrated email and SMS/MMS capabilities.

“Interview your customers and sales prospects,” Kim stresses on finding the aha moment. “If they don’t want to buy today, ask them why. Learn what will make them switch.”

More importantly, the CEO adds, ensure that you’re solving a problem for a specific group of customers

Use a tool like Reveal to check if you’re focusing on the right customer segment today. Analyze customer data across your marketing, sales, and product stacks to highlight the attributes and actions that generate revenue for your business today. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect your data sources with Reveal
  2. Select a customer segment that means success for your business (e.g., all customers on pro plan)
  3. Reveal your results

Reveal will give you a detailed view of your best customers today. Note the dashboard below that shows you the countries and industries you should target. 


Use these data as reference as you update your ideal customer profile (ICP). After updating it, store it in a file storage service where everyone in the revenue marketing team can access it easily.

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2. Wordable


What it is: one-click publishing software 

Aha moment: exporting Google Docs to WordPress in one click with formatting and presentation intact

How this aha moment example was discovered:

Wordable over-served the wrong market and underserved the right market in its early days.

The team realized their best customers were actually large companies publishing content at scale, rather than solo bloggers.

“If users are only using our product once a month for five minutes, they’re not getting the most value. They’re likely not a good fit as the need for our product wasn’t high. Conversely, we found a smaller subset of users who were using it daily, for lengthy periods of time.”

Jeremy Moser, co-owner and advisor to Wordable, on the difference between solo bloggers and publishing companies

Our in-app user metrics helped us understand how frequently people were using our product and how long they were using it for,” shares Jeremy Moser, the co-owner and advisor of the one-click publishing software. 

“This gave us strong clarity into our product’s usefulness as a whole.”

The startup’s pivot to these bigger companies had a broad impact on product and pricing models, among others.

Not only did it raise its pricing, but it could also build the app to better cater to their customers’ needs instead of taking a generalist approach to new feature development. 

3. SquidVision


What it is: revenue heatmap software 

Aha moment: tracking the specific buttons and links that led to the first transaction 

How this aha moment example was discovered:

SquidVision is a marketing analytics platform that shows how much revenue your individual clicks and buttons are generating.

Founder Adam White discovered his product’s aha moment in demo video calls with customers. 

“Because our feature doesn’t exist in any other heatmap software, it’s critical we show that to the customer as soon as possible. 

We saw the expression and the part of the demo where they responded positively.

Often it would be obvious because for the first part of the demo, the customer would just listen. But when the aha moment came, they would make an audible confirmation that they now understood what the app does and why it’s valuable”

Adam White, founder of SquidVision, on the moment customers recognized his product’s aha moment

Another effective way of finding which features are resonating with customers is to conduct surveys.

White recommends these two simple questions:

  • What feature in the app is the most useful?
  • What feature in the app do you use the least?

Analyze the common themes once you’ve collected enough answers.

Check that you highlight the popular features in the product’s in-app onboarding and reflect the voice of customer data in your copy, content, and pitch.

White adds, “Change your marketing copy and landing pages to focus on the features that customers use the most. That is most likely where they’re getting their aha moment from.”

Take a Page Out of These Aha Moment Examples Today

Analyzing analytics alone will not reveal your product’s activation event. It also requires in-depth conversations with your best customers, as proven by these aha moment examples.

After identifying your product’s aha moment and raising adoption rate, use a contact scoring tool like Breadcrumbs to improve your trial-to-paid conversion.

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