8 Ways to Transform Your B2B Website into a Sales Tool for Your Business

Your website is making strides.

You’ve put in the SEO muscle it takes to get seen, learned everything you can about your target customer, and tracked website visitor activity to inspire smart changes. 

Your next mission? Going deeper by solidifying the website engagement tools you’ll be using to help turn a visitor into a lead or a customer.

Thankfully, we put together the exact article you need to transform your B2B website into a sales tool for your business.

Grab a notepad and pen or open up a Google Doc, and let’s get started!

Transform your B2B Website into a Sales Tool #1: Personalize everything on your site to your ideal audience

From your website copy to your visuals to your layout, everything on your site needs to be personalized to your ideal audience

Illustration Of Breadcrumbs Icp Worksheet


Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Worksheet

Learn how to create an Ideal Customer Profile and build a successful sales strategy with this Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Worksheet.

When someone in your target audience visits your site, they need to immediately feel like it was built with them in mind.

Take a look at the following home page example from uSERP, a digital PR agency: 

Right off the bat, uSERP shines the spotlight on its audience with a value-driven statement that provides a solution to their pain points.

There’s no question about what uSERP does or who uSERP helps. 

Think about everything from scratch–from your business name (try a business name generator), logo, color palette, and font style to copy and communication. Every detail matters.

Pro-Tip: Every action visitors take on your website is a powerful signal you can use to tailor your site to their needs further. Having a tool on hand that can surface their buying intent and allow you to respond timely and effectively with curated offers and solutions is essential.

Breadcrumbs helps you to do just that. By connecting all your tech stack (such as your CRM or MAP, to product analytics tools), you can create high-performing scoring models to power your marketing & sales efforts. This helps you to identify high-value customers and better understand their habits, preferences, and journeys.

With Breadcrumbs, you can make data-driven decisions with the confidence that the insights generated are accurate and up-to-date.

The best part? You can get started for free! Grab your free account today and transform your B2B website into a sales tool!

Transform your B2B Website into a Sales Tool #2: Add an email newsletter CTA button

It may sound easy enough, but many B2B brands are missing out on low-hanging fruit simply by not adding an email newsletter CTA button to their websites. 

Adding an easy-to-spot CTA button that invites website visitors to join your email list is a simple strategy you can use to turn a cold visitor into a warm lead.

But we recommend you sweeten the deal a bit by reserving your most exclusive content, offers, and updates to your email subscribers only.

If you take a look at the example above, Marie Forleo’s email newsletter CTA highlights the fact that subscribers get access to exclusive content that Marie doesn’t share anywhere else. 

Making your visitors feel like VIPs by inviting them to an exclusive community may be just the motivation they need to get to know you a bit more. Also, highlighting for visitors that by joining your email newsletter, their data will be safe as you employ SPF record checker and other email security messages to avoid phishing and spoofing.  

Transform your B2B Website into a Sales Tool #3: Use lead magnets to capture contact information 

Beyond your newsletter CTA, you can also use lead magnets to capture contact information.

A lead magnet is typically a piece of content or a freebie that’s “gated”—in other words, it can only be accessed if the user provides their contact details first. 

Here’s an example of a lead magnet business strategist Jenna Kutcher uses on her site:

Our best advice for lead magnets? 

Create ones that help solve your audience’s pain points—think ultimate guides, ebooks, and templates. 

Transform your B2B Website into a Sales Tool #4: Use FOMO language to highlight irresistible discounts 

Entice website visitors to try your product or solution by using fear of missing out (FOMO) language and irresistible discounts. 

This is a great way to lock in sales from hot leads who’ve been ready to buy but were either price sensitive or needed a timely offer to nudge them toward conversion. 

Transform your B2B Website into a Sales Tool #5: Add a free demo or intro call CTA 

Visitors need to know that there’s a quick and simple way they can get in touch with you to learn more about your product or solution. 

People don’t have time to join lengthy waiting lists or comb through endless help articles to understand more about what you do. 

If you don’t give them the option to communicate with your team to discover more, expect higher bounce rates

A simple “book your free demo,” “ get a demo,” or “sign up for a free call” is all you need to let visitors know your team is on standby, willing, and ready to answer their questions.

Transform your B2B Website into a Sales Tool #6:  Add a chatbot sales rep to your site 

Chatbots were built to remove unnecessary pressure off customer support teams, but did you know you can also use them to generate sales?

That’s right. 

Not only can chatbots answer important visitor questions, but they can also:

  • Collect contact details
  • Schedule demos and welcome calls with team members and sales staff
  • Personalize offers and recommendations
  • Support visitors throughout the buyer’s journey 
  • Help visitors make a purchase 
  • Invite visitors to sign up or buy
  • And so much more

Transform your B2B Website into a Sales Tool #7: Use pop-ups to give visitors one more chance to book, sign up, or opt-in

While you’ll need to time them properly, using exit intent pop-ups can help you secure leads just in the nick of time. 

The trick? Give the website visitor something juicy in exchange for booking, signing up, or opting in.

When choosing something to give away, be sure to differentiate it from the other lead magnets you currently offer. When in doubt, highlight a pain point, provide a solution, and use a captivating headline to reel them in.

Transform your B2B Website into a Sales Tool #8: Reduce as many barriers to entry as possible 

Last but absolutely not least, work to remove as many barriers to entry as you possibly can.

It’s one thing if a visitor decides your brand isn’t a good fit for them. But it’s another thing entirely if a user wants to do business with you but continues to run into obstacles that keep them from doing so. 

With that said, here are five things you can do to make it as simple as possible for a visitor to convert:

Use pricing tiers and include a free forever option

Put the purchasing power back in ‌customers’ hands by offering pricing tiers and, if possible, a free forever option, too.

Make it easy to sign up or buy

Make it crystal clear how easy it is to get started with your brand.

Add an easy-to-spot CTA button that lets website visitors know they can sign up, buy something, or book your services in just a few clicks. 

Provide a simple product/solution explanation 

Use a few bullet points or steps to show your audience how your product or service works. 

Write short, punchy sentences that get straight to the point—no fluff. 

Provide use cases to crystallize who uses your product/solution and for what

Provide detailed examples and use cases to help your audience understand what kinds of industries you typically work with and how they use your product or service to achieve success.

Include plenty of trust elements

Build rapport and trust with website visitors by adding the following elements to your website:

Case studies

Break down exactly how a company earned more money or saved more time after working with you. 

Use this one from Wordable as inspiration:


Show off your gushing customer reviews. 

Videos are one of the most powerful tools you can leverage to attract and engage clients. So, you can also use video testimonials from your customers to build trust. 

Brand mentions and features

Share where else your brand has been mentioned or featured for additional brownie points.

Transform your B2B Website into a Sales Tool Today!

While there are many strategies you can use to transform your B2B website into a sales tool, renowned SaaS brands around the globe trust the ones we shared today.  

Ultimately, the website engagement tools you choose to invest in will and should depend on your unique business model and target audience. 

Put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes and ask yourself:

  • Is this website engaging and user-friendly?
  • Do I feel like this website was designed with me in mind?
  • Does this website present tailored solutions that could solve my problems?
  • How easy is it to get in touch with this brand?
  • How simple is it to sign up for a free trial, demo, or package?
  • Do I notice any bugs, lagging issues, or usability concerns?
  • Does this site give me the option to sign up for exclusive content or offers?
  • Does this site offer any personalized freebies, such as guides or ebooks?
  • Do I have an assortment of pricing tiers and packages to choose from?
  • Can I try before I buy?

Once you’ve answered these questions to the best of your ability, choose your website engagement tools accordingly. 

From there, be sure to continue analyzing your website visitors’ behavior so you can course-correct as needed. 

Well, that’s it for now.

To your success!


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